Agent 939 Perfect Color HPS+

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Agent 939 HPS+ lenses provide perfect color in the grow room, even under the intense yellow spectrum and harsh conditions of HPS lighting. Premium mineral glass and big, bold temple pieces protect against HPS light from all angles.



Lens Technology

Rendition Perfect Color HPS+ lenses provide perfect color in the grow room. Our patent-pending formulation of rare earth elements in German mineral glass provides the highest clarity and is inherently scratch resistant. Full UV protection and IR absorption allow the eyes to stay cooler and moister. An anti-reflective coating keeps glare out of your eyes. The “Plus” is an additional silver coating on the lens surface to attenuate HPS light. These lenses use the Method Seven notch filtering technology to balance color, normalizing the spectrum to what the eye sees under balanced white light conditions. 

Frame Technology

The Agent 939 frame wraps with a curved base 8 lens for full protection, along with big and bold temple pieces for side light protection. Bomber hinges and recessed rubber nose pads make the Agent 939 a comfortable and durable tool. The frame is comfortable and flexible as it's made with TR90: an incredibly durable and lightweight thermoplastic material. Produced with Swiss technology, TR90 allows the Agent 939 Perfect Color HPS+ to bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably.

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