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Ascent's titanium alloy frame is a blend of updated aviator styling and some of the most advanced frame construction available. Light, strong and flexible titanium alloy temple pieces for superior comfort in the sky or on the ground.

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Precision optics designed specifically for aviators. Our advanced mineral glass lenses include rare earth elements to provide the best contrast available. Each of three lens options utilize special thin-film coating technologies to dial in specific amounts of visible light (VLT) to suit different pilot preferences and exposure levels to sunlight depending on typical routes.

Ascent's titanium alloy frame is a blend of updated aviator styling and some of the most advanced frame construction available. Light, strong and flexible titanium alloy temple pieces taper off to less than 1.0 mm thick, seamlessly conforming to your head and headset for any duration flight. Designed specifically for headsets, and tested for fit with oxygen masks. Rubberized nose pads add comfort on long days in the seat.

Product Reviews

Written by MCDUFFEE, JASON on May 2nd 2019

Great Glasses

I use these while flying business jets. I love how they offer eye protection while not so dark that I cant read my ipad and checklist inside the plane.

Written by Mike on Apr 25th 2019

Best Aviator Eyewear

Best Aviator Eyewear out there by far!! Outstanding customer service to stand behind the great quality product!

Written by Marie bodman on Apr 19th 2019

Aftersale service

Delighted to say that I had the best experience with Lauren who guided me through the process of replacing and shipping a pair of sun glasses To France / where I reside / her efficient and prompt reply was top/ plus I can now enjoy a great pair of sun glasses that put a smile on my face every time I wear them

Written by Randy Johnson on Apr 18th 2019

Ascent Sky

Loved these since first time that I tried them on at AOPA fly-in! I kicked around the idea of which one to get (9% or 18%). I decided on the 9% and glad I did. They seem to make everything brighter and clearer without straining my eyes. Wish I would have bought them at the fly-in instead of waiting! Best eyewear I’ve ever purchased. I suggest buying them to everyone!

Written by R Edge on Apr 8th 2019

Living up to the hype

I rarely go for expensive, name-brand products, but I make exceptions for serious quality-of-life improvements or safety items, like splurging on A20s. Until recently I've always flown wearing some kind of Ray-bans, which seemed perfectly adequate until I got my Ascent sunglasses, and now I can't go back. They're everything Method 7 claims: lightweight, comfortable, and absolutely ideal in the cockpit. The arms are straight and very thin, so they don't break headset seals (even when taking them off or putting them back on) or get clamped against your head, and the lenses themselves actually do cut through haze and make it a bit easier to spot other traffic. I'm using the 18% VLT, which are just about perfect for southern California daytime flying. If I were going to complain about anything at all it would be something really petty, like the slightly large hard case, or the fact that no silk cleaning cloth is included (admittedly the soft case is probably fine for un-smudging the lenses). But neither of those issues is big enough to deduct a star, so I'll leave them with a well-deserved 5 out of 5.

Written by Mandy on Apr 3rd 2019

Out in the sun a lot!

I don't fly (as I know that these are typically used for aviation) but I am out in the sun a lot! Running, walking, hiking, playing with my kids... you name it. I am usually outside. I have blue eyes and I can't tell you how AMAZING these sunglasses are. My eyes never hurt/ache or feel strained like they would with my other sunglasses. They are SO comfortable and my eyes feel rested which has never happened after being in the sun all day. I discovered these at the local airshow and I am so glad I did. I am OBSESSED with them. Thank you for creating these! I will forever be a customer.

Written by Chris B on Sep 5th 2018


I have two pairs, the 9% and the 18%. I use the 18% as everyday sunglasses. I bought the 9% to use for driving into the low Fall/Spring sun and for flying. I’m very pleased with both pairs. Well made, nice optics, good filtering.

Written by Nai on Aug 21st 2018

Phenomenal Product

The Ascent Aviator Sky 9 is exactly what I was looking for. A pilot of 12 years with dry eyes, I needed strong protection and non-polarized lens with exceptional clarity. I purchased Ray Ban, Maui Jim, and Oakley, but none compare to Method 7. I appreciate the quality of construction and quality of service. Cheers!

Written by guest on Jun 20th 2018

Best Sun glasses i have ever had

I have been flying for over 45 years and tried them all. These are by far the best glasses I have ever had. Worth Every penny!

Written by guest on Jun 18th 2018

Just what I needed!

Just flew 8 hours home with my new M7 glasses. My eyes were well rested at the end of the trip, and seemed to fit under my headset perfectly! These crystal clear lenses are the real deal! #VisionAboveAll

Written by guest on May 6th 2018


The clarity is astounding. Remarkably the best sun-lenses I have ever encountered. My husband bought the "Altitude" style and he is also highly impressed. We are pilots.

Written by guest on Apr 30th 2018

Great Product & Customer Service!

Purchased pair of Method Seven Ascent Aviator Sunglasses at Sun N Fun 2018...a few days later I noticed some marks on the lenses and contacted Customer Service. Was instructed to send them back for warranty review. Dealt with Lauren in Customer Service...within a day, brand new replacement sunglasses were on their way to me and received them in 2 days. Unbelievably great customer service (thanks so much Lauren!) and awesome product...highly recommend!

M7 Sky™ is a new creation blending rare-earth elements within crystalline lenses to notch filter specific high energy light. We custom design our lens coatings for numerous benefits to the pilot and both our Altitude and Ascent frames offer three unique VLT options that provide pilots choice between the darkest and lightest lenses available for pilots as well as a middle of the road solution. This uniquely covers the full range of normal to extreme conditions of high altitude flying.

  • SKY 9 Lens

    SKY 9 LENS (Darkest)

    Our darkest offering, transmitting 9% VLT of available light and yet your flight deck can still be rendered in sharp detail. Perfect for flying west, chasing the sun or in very exposed cockpits

  • SKY 18 Lens

    SKY 18 LENS (Medium)

    The SKY 18 Lens transmits 18% VLT of available light and is a great choice for general and mixed conditions

  • SKY 30 Lens

    SKY 30 LENS (Lightest)

    Lets in lots of light, but still protects and takes the edge off. Perfect for pilots whose eyes require more light or for darker cockpits; even for pilots who typically don’t wear or frequently take off their sunglasses during flight. SKY 30 can stay on all day, in all conditions, even on the jetway