5 Factors to Note When Buying Full Spectrum LED Grow Glasses

5 Factors to Note When Buying Full Spectrum LED Grow Glasses

When growing indoors, it’s important to monitor your plants to ensure that they’re healthy and growing in optimum conditions. Part of this job involves controlling the humidity and the ambient temperature, as well as keeping a lookout for things like disease and pest infestation. This kind of attention to detail requires the use of full spectrum LED grow glasses.

Full spectrum LED grow lights represent a very popular choice for many growers across the US, due in part to their low running costs, low environmental impact, and the excellent results that they produce. However, the rays these lights emit can be extremely damaging to eye health, so it’s a bad idea to work under them without proper protection.

What’s more, it can be extremely difficult to discern color accurately under these light conditions. High quality full spectrum LED glasses do a great job of mitigating this issue, allowing you to see the precise hues and tones that can sometimes point towards poor plant health or attacks from critters.

What to Look For in Your Full Spectrum LED Grow Glasses

Given the fact that not wearing protective eyewear when using these specialist lights is a bad idea, you should definitely invest in a pair. So, what should you consider to ensure you get the right product for your needs? Read on for five important factors that need to be taken into account.

Factor #1 - Comfort

As is the case when shopping for regular eye glasses, your LED glasses need to fit well and be comfortable. If the frames are too big, then they’re likely to slip down your face. If they’re too small, they’ll likely be uncomfortable, which can lead headaches. Finding the right fit is the first step to getting the best pair for you.

Factor #2 - Type of Protection

Another factor to consider is the type of lighting arrangement you’re going to be using. You shouldn’t assume that full spectrum LED grow glasses will be fine for all types of grow light. Different lenses are designed for different lights, such as Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. If you’re in doubt about the best solution for your particular setup, get expert advice to avoid making the wrong purchase.

Factor #3 - Style

When you’re working in the grow room, it’s important that you’re getting full protection from every direction, which is why the ‘wrap-around’ style is popular with growers. Other styles include aviators, rimless, semi-rimless and shield. The ideal choice for you is the one that’s most practical for your purposes and that provides you with the best protection.

Factor #4 - Durability

Accidents happen! Your full spectrum LED grow glasses can get dropped, sat on or scratched. While it’s not necessary to go for the most expensive product you can find, it is important that whatever you buy has high quality, durable materials, or you may quickly find yourself needing to buy a replacement pair.

Factor #5 - Color Correction

As we’ve mentioned already, it’s important for growers to be able to accurately perceive color in order to monitor their plants. So, any pair of full spectrum glasses you buy should have built in color correction, otherwise you significantly increase the risk of missing something important.

Finding the Right Grow Glasses Is a Key Decision

There are a lot of decisions that you must get right to be a successful grower, including the plants you choose, the lights you buy, and the cultivation methods you use. Full spectrum LED grow glasses are another important decision, as they affect your eye safety and ultimately the success of your growing efforts.

Do your homework, choose wisely, and get the necessary protection, as well as the clarity you need to be the best grower you can be.