7 Frequently Asked Questions About Blurple LED Glasses

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Blurple LED Glasses

If you’re not a seasoned indoor grower and you’ve seen Blurple LED glasses advertised online, you’re likely to have quite a few questions about them. We’ll try to address those here, as we provide some clarity about the nature of Blurple lighting and the dangers that come with being in this specialist growing environment without protection.

Before we get into those FAQs though, let’s start with an explanation of what Blurple lights are and what they’re for.

What Are Blurple Grow Room Lights?

A grow room is an indoor environment that’s equipped with artificial lighting. Blurple lights are one of a range of different grow room lighting options that include Metal Halide (MH) lights, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights and full spectrum LED lights. Each type of light setup has its own purpose, ideal use and specific set of light frequencies.

Blurple LED glasses need to be worn when in the presence of Blurple lights. These types of lights give off frequencies that include high amounts of the blue and red parts of the visible light spectrum—hence the name (blue + purple = Blurple)—which can be very harmful to the eyes.

Being relatively inexpensive compared to other options, Blurple lights are popular with growers, in addition to the fact that the frequencies they produce are great for every stage of cultivation, including growth and flowering.

#1 - What happens if you don’t wear Blurple LED glasses?

You can try and use Blurple lights in your grow room without the right protection, but we certainly wouldn’t advise it. While a few minutes of exposure may just leave you squinting and unable to discern colors properly for a few minutes, any longer and the more severe side-effects start to take hold.

The longer you spend under this specialist lighting without Blurple LED glasses, the more likely you are to feel dizzy and start experiencing more pronounced eye discomfort. These issues disappear within an hour or two for most people, however, the damage is cumulative if you keep on doing it.

You may not even notice the damage for years. By then, it’s usually too late. Cataracts and macular degeneration are serious eye issues that are often not diagnosed until people are in their 50s, so we really mean it when we say that protective glasses can literally save your sight.

#2 - Do Blurple LED glasses make you see better?

Absolutely, because in the grow room, Blurple light can really alter your perception of colors, when everything you see has a distinct purple hue. The technology inside the lenses of Blurple glasses filters out the excess blue and red light, allowing you to see colors as they actually are.

This is really important for growers, because spotting pest infestation and discoloration early is key to the success of your crop. What’s more, using the right type of protection keeps your eyes really comfortable, meaning you’re able to concentrate and focus for longer without eye fatigue.

#3 - Are they suitable for people who wear prescription glasses?

Yes, they are! If you wear glasses every day, you can get Blurple LED glasses that clip-on right over your normal pair prescription eyeglasses. There are several different styles of clip-ons available, so you can find a pair that fits properly over your glasses.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of light filtering and see your plants more clearly, while also protecting your vision over the long term.

#4 - How do I take accurate pictures under Blurple light?

What’s better than showing off your growing expertise taking pictures of your crop and sharing them online? The only issue is, as we’ve mentioned, Blurple lights make everything seem purple. So how do you take pictures in this kind of light that accurately reflect the real color?

Well, it’s easy when you use a special filter for your smartphone camera! By fitting a Blurple LED filter over your phone or tablet, you can easily take high-quality, color-corrected photos worthy of showing off to the world.

#5 - Do Blurple glasses work with other lights or outside?

It’s important to note that these types of glasses are not meant for use with white full spectrum LED lights. High quality Blurple LED glasses are optimized to be used with red, pink, purple, or Blurple indoor grow lights. It’s best to use a separate pair of glasses for outdoor growing.

The same principles apply outside: you need to be able to spot pests and early signs of plant disease, which can be easily missed in bright sunlight. That’s why it’s best to get a pair of outdoor grow glasses that protect your eyes and still allow you to see true color.

#6 - Can’t I just use regular sunglasses?

With all this talk of light spectrums and protection, you could be forgiven for thinking that regular sunglasses will do just as well. With regards to blocking out harmful light rays, UV-rated sunglasses will be able to help in this regard, to a degree.

However, they’ve typically got much lower quality lenses than Blurple LED glasses and won’t provide the same clarity of vision. In fact, they usually darken things so much that you can’t really see anything clearly. They’re also not tuned to the specific spectrums of light used for growing plants.

#7 - Does the quality of the Blurple LED glasses matter?

Yes, it does. As they say, you get what you pay for and that’s also the case when talking about Blurple glasses. If you go for a cheap pair, they’re not going to be as durable and you’ll end up having to buy another pair before you know it. They also won’t give you the same value in terms of eye safety.

Your eyes are precious, which means they’re worth investing a little more in. Would you prefer to have your vision protected by cheap plastic with a coating that might wear off or Carl Zeiss lenses that are proven to be durable and highly effective at safeguarding eyesight?

It’s a pretty easy question to answer.

Never Go Into a Grow Room Unprotected!

We’ve covered the fact that Blurple LED glasses are vital to eye safety for anyone spending prolonged time in the presence of Blurple lights. They’re suitable for people who wear prescription glasses, and they make focusing on the fine details of your plants so much easier.

Quality really does matter, but if you have one takeaway from reading this blog, it should be that you should never go into a grow room environment unprotected. Your eyes will thank you for it.