Get Crystal Clarity Gardening With Sun Grow Glasses

Get Crystal Clarity Gardening With Sun Grow Glasses

If you’re a keen gardener who loves the outdoors, then you’re certainly not on your own. According to Statista, as many as 35% of all US households are involved in the regular growing of some kind of crops at home, a figure that represents a 200% increase since 2008. This number rises even more when talking about those growing flowers.

The popularity of this pastime is not surprising, as there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from a well-tended garden and the bounty it produces. In this blog, we take a look at sun grow glasses— which can help you achieve better results from all that back-breaking work you put in.

The Challenges Faced

When the sun is in full force, your plants may love it, but this kind of radiation can be quite hard on the eyes. People understandably reach for their sunglasses, which are great for safeguarding eye health, but also create problems when tending to plants.

Unlike sun grow glasses - which we’ll explain in more detail shortly - regular sunglasses remove too many of the reds and greens from the color spectrum for the wearer to accurately discern colors. This means that it’s far more difficult to spot those nuanced tone and hue changes that disease can cause, as well as make it tough to notice when pests set up home in your plants.

Polarized sunlight is also an issue when working outdoors, as the reflected glare coming off of water and other shiny surfaces can make your eyes uncomfortable. Again, regular sunglasses don’t adequately protect your eyes from this kind of light and can lead to headaches and eye fatigue after prolonged exposure.

The Stylish Solution

As we’ve alluded to already, the solution lies in a good pair of sun grow glasses, which to the layman, is a term used to describe specialized grow glasses. Featuring polarizing filter technology and lenses, they are specifically designed to produce sharper, clearer images that are true to actual color, especially under intense sunlight.

The outdoor grow glasses offered by Method Seven feature industry-leading SUNp lenses with an anti-reflective coating that’s almost invisible to the naked eye. This allows you to not only enjoy total eye comfort, but also quickly detect any mineral deficiencies or pests, as well as the tell-tale signs of flowering.

These specialized grow glasses come in a range of super-stylish options too, which is why many people end up using them as their go-to regular sunglasses. Once you’ve experienced the sharpness of vision provided by sun grow glasses, you won’t want to go back to using regular sunglasses.

Take Your Gardening to the Next Level

The true level of eye comfort and clarity of vision offered by sun grow glasses needs to be experienced firsthand in order to be properly appreciated. Just look through the reviews left by people who’ve tried them.

Whatever it is you’re doing outside, these specialist glasses make any kind of detailed work easier on the eyes. Once you’ve tried them on for size, you will want to wear them every day.

So, why not try a pair out for yourself and see what it does for your gardening prowess? With relaxed and comfortable eyes, you’ll be able to do your work better, longer, and without tired eyes.

Remember to keep your sunscreen topped up while you’re out there!