Launch of Agent 939 HPS Plus+

Launch of Agent 939 HPS Plus+

On August 1, 2019, Method Seven will launch the Agent 939 HPS Plus+, a premium glass lens specially designed for indoor grow operations using high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting.

Dave Iacovelli, National Sales Manager for Method Seven, says that the new product was developed in response to the rising number of large-scale cannabis grows. “Most growers aren’t just one or two light people anymore. They’re using four, ten, twenty…100 lights.”

The reddish yellow hue cast by HPS lights can make it difficult to discern issues like pests or mold, and can also lead to physical problems such as headaches. “Regular sunglasses have an ice tea colored tint to them, which actually adds more red and yellow to the picture,” Iacovelli says.

The Agent 939 HPS Plus+ utilizes Method Seven’s flagship technology: German mineral glass infused with rare earth elements. “The minerals notch filter out the light as it passes through the lens for perfect color in the grow room,” claims Iacovelli. “We’re not adding blue with our lenses, we’re actually taking away reds and yellows, which brings the blues and greens to life.”

In addition to their color balancing properties, Method Seven glass lenses are uniquely equipped for the demands of a grow operation: they are inherently scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and don’t haze over like plastic lenses. They also block ultraviolet light and infrared heat, helping keep eyes cool and moist. “Some people have them for seven or eight years,” says Iacovelli, of Method Seven’s glass lenses.

For added side light protection, the Agent 939 HPS Plus+ features a base 8 wrap frame and wide temple pieces. “It’s a more expensive process to make the lens curved,” admits Iacovelli, but “we’ve had a demand for a new wrap style frame, and we wanted to come out with something that is tight against the eyes.” Constructed from TR90, a Swiss thermoplastic, the frame also includes bomber hinges and recessed rubber nose pads.

The “Plus+” refers to an extra silver coating on the lens surface, which attenuates, or slightly darkens, the effect of bright grow room lights. “And it looks pretty cool,” claims Iacovelli.

The Agent 939 HPS Plus+ will initially be available August 1 at Method Seven has also partnered with premier distributors throughout the country, who will offer the new lenses in branded display cases at various hydroponics stores. Check @methodseven Instagram account for announcements about participating distributors. Any stores interested in getting a premium display case and access to new Method Seven models should contact Dave Iacovelli via email or by phone 831-313-4653.