Launch of Phone & Tablet Camera Filter

Launch of Phone & Tablet Camera Filter

Method Seven founder Jeff Goldberg used to hold the lens of his grow glasses over his iPhone to take pictures of his plants, and once even taped a big puck of raw glass onto his camera. If you’ve ever gone to these lengths to combat the glare of your grow room lights, the Catalyst Phone & Tablet Camera Filter is your new best friend. This turnkey photo filter by Method Seven enables you to take professional-quality grow room photos with your smartphone or tablet. Partnering with Nanolux, a leading brand of horticultural ballasts and fixtures, Method Seven is hosting a giveaway with a $750 prize pack to promote the new product.

“The idea of doing a clip was a long time coming,” admits Method Seven CEO James Cox. However, the company’s flagship lens material, German mineral glass, wasn’t suitable for integrating into a portable, value-priced item. “We just couldn’t dream of grinding down and wasting all that glass to make a tiny filter,” remembers Cox. “So we held off for years as we attempted to make an app.” In 2013, the company started developing a phone app for grow room color correction, but device limitations resulted in photos that didn’t meet M7’s rigorous standards.

Enlisting the expertise of world-renowned optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss, M7 developed a polymer HPS lens and a line of clip-on eyewear that ultimately paved the way for the Catalyst. “The material we are using for the phone clip is identical to what we use in our high-quality eyewear,” says Cox. “This is NOT cheap dyed plastic. This is engineered for optical clarity.”

The Catalyst is available in two different filters: High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Magenta Spectrum LED (sold separately). The HPS photo filter is robust enough to render natural color under double-ended HPS lights. The LED photo filter is the first and only mobile device filter on the market that is optimized for magenta, pink, and red spectrum LED lights. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, the Catalyst is easy to use and compatible with iPhone and Android. A heavy-duty spring-loaded clip secures it to your camera phone or tablet and fits over most protective cases.

Priced at just $30, the Catalyst also includes a $20 gift card, which can be used towards any Method Seven glasses with a $50 value or greater. (Limit one $20 gift card use per customer, cannot be combined with any other sales, coupons, or discount promotions.)

The Nanolux / Method Seven Giveaway will run from May 14-21, 2020. One lucky winner will receive an HPS prize pack, our biggest yet, including a Nanolux Summit Series modular lighting system, ($413) the first product of its kind that can operate all HPS, MH and CMH lamp configurations between 600W and 1000W. Also included in the prize pack are a Catalyst HPS Phone & Tablet Camera Filter ($30), a pair of Method Seven HPS Grow Glasses of choice ($165), a pair of Method Seven Agent 939 FX glasses ($120), and branded swag. Enter at for your chance to win. Limit one entry per customer. For more information, follow @methodseven and@Nanolux_Technology on Instagram.