Method Seven - Not Just Another Sunglasses Company

Method Seven - Not Just Another Sunglasses Company

The casual observer that comes across Method Seven online could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve happened upon another trendy sunglasses company. However, the truth is very, very different.

Since getting started in this business over 11 years ago, we’ve never tried to be, or even wanted to be, like Oakley or Von Zipper. We’ve always known that our ideal customers are interested in far more than fashion statements or basic UV protection.

We are DIFFERENT and that’s something we revel in. How are we different? While other brands are concerned primarily with fashion and trends, we prefer to focus our attention on design and lens technology that allows our customers to enjoy both comfort and function in the most harshly lit environments.

The Challenge

What inspired us to reach the heights we have is the incredibly low bar that has been set in the sunglasses industry. Regular sunglasses make it hard...strike that...almost impossible to get a clear view in direct sunlight. And yet, other companies choose to create more appealing frames rather than address the key problem.

Every day, people typically suffer unnecessarily with the limitations of cheap sunglasses. Polarized sunlight and ultraviolet light are just two of the existing threats to eye health.

Just note how many people have to take their regular sunglasses off to look at their iPhone, and you’ll start to get a sense of what we’re talking about. What we’ve done at Method Seven is raise the bar, and continue to raise it higher with every passing year.

A Trusted Brand Where Precision Matters

Our expertise in notch filtering allows us to create products with we refer to as ‘noise-canceling technology for the eyes.’ Whether talking about our pilot glasses, grow glasses, or polarized sunglasses, each collection is created with supreme precision in mind, delivering exceptional clarity, color perception, and eye comfort.

Aeronautic Excellence

To the layman, notch filtering is the science behind eliminating specific harmful elements of the light spectrum, while allowing the maximum amount of safe light through. Our reputation in this field is what’s led to people like racer and experimental test pilot Elliot Seguin to trust in the equipment we supply.

We’re talking about someone who needs an absolutely crystal clear view of his instrument panel when flying aircraft just a few feet off of the ground. Literally speaking, he’s trusting his life in the comfort, peripheral vision, and supreme contrast levels that our glasses offer!

The harsh sunlight that pilots often experience can severely limit vision, but Method Seven aviator lens technology keeps the eyes relaxed and comfortable. What’s more, we’ve made this technology affordable for both experienced and aspiring pilots alike.

Growing Know-How

The Method Seven team is pushing the envelope all the time and another field in which we excel is in optical lens technology for indoor growing. Catering to indoor growers using the full range of specialized lighting systems, including Full Spectrum LED, Metal Halide, and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), our high-quality notch filtering lenses are unparalleled in the industry.

Our grow glasses provide not just protection from eye damage, but also the ability to see true color, which is so important when trying to spot disease and pests. In fact, our glasses are so trusted in this regard that agriculturalists use them to make multi-million dollar decisions about their crops.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

Our focus on perfect vision perfection is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We believe that function is fashion, and our products not only look great, they also perform, especially when it counts the most.

As a company that has complex problem-solving at the heart of its ethos, we’re constantly innovating to deliver better focus and better color. We know that what we offer goes way beyond what’s currently offered by other brands.

So, if you were curious as to what the Method Seven difference is, you now know what to say. We’re the notch filtering experts that make products to improve vision, clarity and color perception to a level that’s never been seen before.

So, why not try out a pair of our glasses for yourself and experience the Method Seven difference?