Monday Musing 13: Hi! I am Back!

Monday Musing 13: Hi! I am Back!

Hi! I am back. I am sorry for my absence. Life seems to get away from me sometimes, especially when I am trying to train as a professional athlete, coach other athletes, AND help to launch an eyewear company.

If it sounds impossible to you, thatʻs because it is. I tried, and it felt like a constant cycle of putting out fires or sealing a dam with duct tape just in time for another leak to spring.

I was doing it all, somehow, but doing none of them well. And mediocrity is not OK with me.

I am still actually doing it all, but all with a little help. Actually, a LOT of help. And things seem to be running smoother and with more intention.

KK Fischer, who recruited me onto the Method Seven Ultra Trail team, is back and in full force. Part of the reason I fell behind on some of the creative work is that I was buried in aspects of managing a small business that is far beyond my experience. Before this year, I had only ever used spreadsheets for to-do lists and to track training. I spent hours trying to learn systems I still donʻt understand and was sure I was going to f* up.

With KKʻs help, I can stay in my lane at Method Seven Ultra Trail, where I am most productive. She executes where I cannot. And with her filling in where I am lacking, we can resume campaigns to spur growth and engagement, like these Musings, our brand narrative, and our invaluable brand relationships.

It will also open up time to work on myself. I am here because I am an athlete, and while I have struggled in this sport since before the pandemic, I need to give myself another shot. One with no self-sabotaging excuses to hide behind but a real, vulnerable, risk-it-for-the-biscuit shot at being the athlete I think I can be. And sharing this journey as a pro-athlete will help my growth and the growth of Method Seven Ultra Trail. So that is where I am putting a lot of my energy. On being my best and sharing what that takes.

On that note, I am starting a podcast! And Method Seven Ultra Trail is sponsoring it. It is a platform to chat about what it takes to compete at a high level and hear what my guests have to say about what they think sets them apart as high achievers. I will talk about my life, the silly and the wonderful. And, of course, I will chat about the ongoings of Method Seven Ultra Trail. And there are a lot of ongoings! We are just weeks away from finally having some eyewear on the market. And it rocks.

The first BeRad Podcast episode will be released this week! Check in with Method Seven Ultra Trail to be in the know when the podcast launches. Word on the street is a certain Boston Marathon champ will be dropping some knowledge in the first episode. Any guesses on who it is?

Stoked to be back in this community! Look out for my Musings weekly, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest Musing in your inbox. Peace!