Monday Musing 14: Method Seven is different

Monday Musing 14: Method Seven is different

Method Seven is different. We spared no expense in designing frames, colors, and brand voice. We didn’t want to get our name out there by adhering to meaningless ad reads or Instagram posts. We want to connect with our community in a way that goes beyond a product.

You’ve heard me ramble about it for almost a year. You’ve read about it here, here, here, and here. I am sick of saying it, and you are sick of hearing it.

But it’s true! You’ll never know a company like ours. I am permitted total creative freedom because Method Seven believes in me! We are quirky, which is probably why it’s taken so long to get something to the market.

But word on the street is that the wait is just about over.

In January, I was on a call with James, our CEO, and one of our product developers, Jay. Already I was sick of selling smoke. Granted, it was some excellent smoke, but without a product to sell, I felt like it was just smoke without the fire. And so, since the frames we were working on were not going to be ready to sell until summer 2023, we decided to move forward with an additional frame that would be a limited edition and could be out to market much sooner than the frames in the works.

With the input of the Beta Team and our athletes, Avery Collins and Dean Karnazes, we got to work. The team tested our best frames with our already perfected Trail26 lenses to see which ones could not only withstand the demands of trail running but also would perform as lightweight, technical gear.

Two frames stood out as the overwhelming favorites among Beta Team members, our athletes, and other high-performing athletes like Scott Jurek as an ideal trail running frame.

Jay, James, and I put our heads together to modify these Method Seven frames to better suit trail running and came up with new names and colors that would speak to trail runners.

Without a doubt, they are the best eyewear I have ever worn.

We made two hundred pairs of each frame. They are limited edition, made specifically for the official launch of Method Seven Ultra Trail, and perhaps the first ever made specifically for ultra trail running.

They are limited edition and cool AF, made with YOU in mind.

After a year, we have a product. It’s as good as we promised, a scary promise to try and live up to. And we hope you love it as much as we do.

More news is dropping soon. Stay tuned to learn the names (the story behind the names can be traced back to the gritty ultra finishes of Dean and Cat) and the official and much-awaited launch date.