Monday Musing 19: Cat's Gift Guide for the Stubborn & Stupid Ultra-Runner in your Life

Monday Musing 19: Cat's Gift Guide for the Stubborn & Stupid Ultra-Runner in your Life

I am a nightmare to shop for. I claim I don’t want too many “things” and that I hate clutter, only to drop dollars on equipment I need. Or, supposedly need.

The truth is, like anyone else, it’s not that I don’t want anything. It’s that I want the right things. Items that can aid my ultra running addiction are the only things I can point to when it comes to gift giving.

This is my ultra running wish list for the 2022 holiday season:

GPS Watch
Is there anything better than tracking improvement?

These days, GPS watches have all the sport-specific features to track every stride on the roads, trails, or ski slopes but they’re also packed with other sensors and technology to keep you connected the rest of the day, too. It’s really a gift for you too! Now, with select GPS watches like the Garmin Forerunner 955, you can track your loved one using their GPS watch and the Garmin Connect App. Worried your beloved ultra runner is going to wander into trouble on their next ill-planned adventure? Follow along, just in case. I won’t tell.

I wear the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar, but I am asking for the Felix 7s for Christmas.

Meal Kit Subscription
For your athlete who wants the cred for cooking dinner, but would be happy with microwave dinners for the rest of eternity (hello, it me), meal kits are a godsend. At this time of year especially, meal kits are excellent gifts for friends and family juggling training, family obligations, gift-giving and holiday parties. With all those obligations, finding the time to plan a menu and shop at the grocery store is tough to fit in. With meal kits, meal-prepping is done for that lazy athlete so they can cook and get the cred without the complaints.

Body Work
Sick of your beloved ultra runner asking for a foot massage? I bet my fiancé, Carson, is.

If your athletic friend or partner has a niggle or an injury, a massage offers relief to sore legs and niggling muscles. Athletes have a hard time relaxing and a massage could be the excuse what they need to kick back and pamper themselves.  If massage isn’t their thing, they could try acupuncture or physical therapy. 

Merino Wool SportsWear
Does your ultra running have BO as bad as mine? Never fear, Merino Wool is here!

The odor-resistant, temperature regulating, quick drying, anti-itch material is expensive, but worth it. The other day, I used the same long-sleeve Australian Merino Wool shirt for running, skiing and yoga. Despite all the activity, my strength coach told me I didn’t smell. He challenged me to wear it the next day too, including on a fourteen-mile hard run and a weightlifting session. He didn’t smell a thing even after those grueling exertions.  My favorite wool pieces of apparel include my basic long sleeve shirt, my socks and sports bra. Icebreaker, Tracksmith, Smartwool and Patagonia have lots of durable wool apparel products to choose from. 

Method Seven Trail26 Performance Eyewear
Likely your ultra runner is either cheap, stubborn or both, insisting they’re $25 plastic sunglasses are fine, even if they come back from a high altitude run with bloodshot eyes and unable to differentiate the cat from their toddler.

Splurge on their first pair ever of trail running specific lenses for them so they can see the difference between sunglasses and performance eyewear. For the first time, your ultra runner will be able to keep their sunglasses on in the trees, through sunlit shadows so they don’t have to fumble to get them out when they reach tree line. They’ll also have one less excuse to get out of chores after a long run because their eyes won't be fried from the hours spent under harsh UVs. Show them the difference between whatever they're wearing, and Method Seven Trail, because we guarantee they won’t go back.