Newest Sunglasses for Women Pilots

Newest Sunglasses for Women Pilots

The Aviatrix is Method Seven’s first offering designed with female pilots in mind. The new frame is finished in matte gold and crafted from Japanese hand-tooled titanium. It is also the first to feature Method Seven’s custom designed tangle-free nose pads, “so you can place the glasses on top of your head without snagging your hair,” says Jamie Mitchell, Brand Manager for Method Seven. According to Mitchell, the Aviatrix has a slightly smaller profile than Method Seven’s other products, resulting in a better fit for women’s faces, and pairing comfortably with both noise-canceling headsets and flight helmets. “The Aviatrix is the best women’s frame available in the aviation eyewear market,” claims Mitchell. “Flexible hinges make it durable, and it's fashionable enough to wear anywhere.” Mitchell also believes that non-blue blocking lenses improve alertness during flight.

The new women’s frame will be available with Method Seven’s mineral glass SKY lenses and polycarbonate FLT lenses, neither of which are blue blocking. Both lenses are treated with thirteen proprietary coatings that block ultraviolet light and infrared heat.

“Most aviation sunglasses have an amber or smoky tint,” Mitchell says, whereas Method Seven lenses appear bluer. “However, we aren’t adding a blue tint so much as taking away harmful reds and yellows to achieve a more perfect, true to life color. This is necessary for enhanced depth perception and peripheral vision crucial to piloting any aircraft.”

Accomplished aerobatic and racing pilot Vicky Benzing, who tested the Aviatrix, gave it a rave review. “Method Seven sunglasses are the very best sunglasses I’ve ever worn,” says Benzing. “The lenses have notch filtering that allows a lot of light in, but still removes the light that adversely affects your eyes. [And] they’re sized for a woman’s face.”

Method Seven plans to showcase the new product at the International Women in Aviation Conference in Florida, March 5-7, 2020. The Aviatrix will be available for purchase at starting in mid-March. However, one lucky winner will receive a pair of Aviatrix sunglasses before they are offered for sale. Entries for the giveaway will be accepted March 2-9 at and the winner will be announced on March 10, 2020.

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