Supreme Visual Clarity Offered By the Best Aviator Glasses

Supreme Visual Clarity Offered By the Best Aviator Glasses

When it comes to flying any type of aircraft, vision is by far the most important of the body’s senses, and that’s how the vast majority of sensory information is taken on board. It’s what pilots use to guide the actions they take, which is why investing in the best aviator glasses is money well spent.

It’s something that’s even more essential when talking about formation, racing, or stunt pilots, as these death-defying professionals rely on their highly-honed reactions to steer their plane wingtips within inches of those flown by their compatriots.

Whether talking about the peripheral vision needed to execute a barrel-roll or a clear view of the crucial information provided by the cockpit instruments, the right protective eyewear can make all the difference to both safety and performance.

The Harshest of Light Conditions

The reason why the best aviator glasses are required by pilots is because of the uniquely harsh nature of the sunlight that they have to deal with. This is when the sun sits low on the horizon, or the aircraft in question is flying West directly into the sun.

Altitude plays a big part too, with the UV radiation produced by the sun increasing by roughly 5% for every 1,000ft reached. Test pilots, in particular, can be subjected to highly intense UV rays, as the altitudes flown can take them into the uppermost levels of the atmosphere.

So, the higher the pilot goes, the more severe the rays can be, resulting in damage to the eyes occurring much more quickly. This means that getting the right protection for the eyes is not just a good idea - it’s a must.

Top Notch-Filtered Aviator Performance

So, what do the best aviator glasses look like? Well, at Method Seven, our ground-breaking products lead the way in the industry. They also come in a range of styles, catering to all kinds of pilot requirements. However, the common denominator in all of them is the cutting-edge notch-filtering technology that is integrated into every pair.

Fine-tuned to allow a specific amount of visible light transmission (VLT) to reach the eye, our aviator glasses allow the wearer to enjoy supreme comfort, greatly reducing eye fatigue and headaches, while providing supreme levels of clarity and contrast. It’s why our products are trusted by those who rely on them the most.

Endorsed By The Leading Lights In Performance Flying

While there might be companies out there that contest our claim to offer the best aviator glasses pilots can get, the evidence points to Method Seven as the leader in the field. The leading names in performance flying love our products and trust them while flying through the air at tremendous speeds.

For instance, Vicky Benzing, an experienced air racer and aerobatic flyer, born and bred in California, uses our Aviatrix glasses, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of female flyers. Featuring classic aviator style and created from Japanese titanium, they feature notch-filtering technology that allows lots of good light in, while keeping the rays that do the damage out.

Benzing is the fastest woman aviator ever to fly at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, clocking in at just over 469 miles per hour, something that requires absolute clarity of vision to achieve safely.

Another seasoned professional that knows we have the best aviator glasses around is Elliot Seguin, holder of six world flying records, with 800 hours of flight tests under his belt.

Try a Pair Out For Yourself & See the Difference

So, whether you’re a professional flyer or a keen amateur, you really need the right protection, for many reasons. We’ve provided lots of proof here that spending your money on Method Seven aviators is a wise move for eye health, safety and flying performance benefits, but the only true way to understand their true value is to try a pair.

As soon as you experience the notch-filtering and craftsmanship built into every pair, we know you’ll see for yourself.