The Resistance 2 | Method Seven

The Resistance 2 | Method Seven

Don't Grow Blind Method Seven designs high-quality sunglasses for specialized horticulture and cannabis cultivation. Our grow room sunglasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for high pressure sodium lights, metal halide lights, LED grow lights, and outdoor grows. Protect against harmful ultraviolet rays and restore natural vision in the harsh conditions of your grow.

Frame Technology Resistance 2 is the evolution of our classic frame, voted High Times Magazine product of the year for three years running. Molded in Italy with lightweight TR-90 thermoplastic, this custom frame is outfitted with texturized rubber accents for no-slip grip and flex hinges bullet-proof durability. Featuring big, bold temple pieces on a stylish Base 8 wrap, the Resistance 2 has you covered with modern styling and full protection from light at all angles.

Lens Technology

Perfect Color HPS grow room sunglasses are the go-to optical tool for indoor horticulture and cannabis cultivation under high pressure sodium lights. These mineral glass lenses are infused with rare earth elements to filter the grow room light spectrum and restore natural color, making it easier to spot issues like pests and nutrient deficiency. Formulated with high-quality German glass, Perfect Color HPS lenses are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and don’t haze over like cheap plastic lenses. They also block ultraviolet light and infrared heat, keeping eyes cool and moist under bright grow room lights.

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