What Glasses For An Indoor Grow Room?

What Glasses For An Indoor Grow Room?

Grow rooms are used in an increasing number of agricultural applications. When plants are grown under various types of light, the purpose is controlled atmosphere and temperature, shorter time from planting to harvest, and appropriate nutrients applied to the soil or other growing medium. Rather than relying on the sun and weather, large indoor facilities often use round-the-clock grow lights to move the plants along at a faster pace. If you are looking for eye protection while working in a grow room, read on to learn more about choosing indoor grow room glasses.

Controlled, regulated, nearly constant light leads to accelerated growth rate of plants. However, lights in controlled environments are not the type of broad spectrum light that the human eye needs for focusing, recognizing shapes, registering movement, and seeing color. Without the ability to focus or recognize shapes and colors clearly, the brain and the eyes both must work much harder to see. This extra stress leads to headaches, fatigue, and seeing spots, among other things. In addition, many grow rooms contain damaging ultraviolet radiation.

The solution is not sunglasses. Traditional sunglasses dim all levels of light, reducing the need to squint. However, sunglasses don't help your eyes to focus, and they eliminate the ability to distinguish color. This lack of color perception can critically impact harvesting decisions and the color of various blooms.

The solution also is not cheap ‘grow room glasses'. These models try to color balance the extreme ends of the spectrum of light, but they have very poor clarity, can be hazy or blurry, and may also distort light. If you feel fatigued after a short time working in the grow room environment, it may be caused by over-strained eyes. Your eyes are precious, as are the crops you raise under artificial lighting sources.

When choosing the right eyewear to protect your eyes while working in a grow environment, first identify what type of grow lights are being utilized in the growing area. Grow lights come in different light emitting spectrums: high pressure sodium (HPS) light, white full spectrum LED, ceramic metal halide (CMH), light emitting ceramic (LEC) and magenta, pink, or red spectrum LED lights.

Regardless of the color of the grow lights, it is important to protect your eyes by using the right eye protection for indoor plant growing. Method Seven high quality grow room glasses eliminate the strobe light effect caused by metal halide lights and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. Method Seven’s premium German mineral glass lenses and world-class synthetics produced by Carl Zeiss of Italy offer best-in-class eye protection and color balancing for indoor grow rooms.

In order to assure that the lenses are free of distortion, all of Method Seven’s lenses are tuned asymmetrically for focus and clarity. In addition, all of our grow room glasses protect against the full spectrum of ultraviolet light, including UVA, UVB and UVC. Quality lenses ensure eye safety, as well as accurate color perception under HID lights. Growers can spot pests on the foliage, assess foliage condition, and see variances or deficiencies before they threaten the plants. In addition, growers are protected against long term eye damage, eye strain, and headaches.

The intense yellow spectrum of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights creates harsh conditions for your eyes. For professional growers who spend long hours under HPS lights, as well as dedicated hobbyists who want the best protection for their eyes, Method Seven offers a full line of HPS Grow Glasses in different frame and lens options.

Method Seven Full Spectrum LED grow glasses are the result of many years of research and development in association with Carl Zeiss Vision. The FX lenses precisely balance light and dark, so the foliage can be seen with appropriate eye protection, and confidence that the appearance of the plants matches reality. The FX lenses are designed for use with bright white full spectrum LED lights, as well as Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) and Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lights, which also produce bright white full spectrum light. In addition, CMH and LEC lights contain elevated levels of infrared and UV. The unique FX lens, developed in coordination with Carl Zeiss Vision, offers complete and effective protection, incorporating cutting edge technology, safety, and unparalleled comfort when working under LEC and CMH grow lights. Please note, the FX lens is not designed for use under LED lights in the blurple, magenta, red, or pink spectrum.

Method Seven, in partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision, has formulated the world's first glasses for growers who work under blurple, red, pink and magenta spectrum LED lighting. Blurple LED lenses are manufactured using state of the art lens technology, as well as the highest quality materials. The quality of materials and expertise in manufacturing allow for wearers to experience true clarity, comfort and color under blurple, red, magenta and pink spectrum LED lighting.

For Metal Halide (MH) lamps, which emit a bluish purple light that benefits the vegetation cycle, MH grow glasses with silver plus coating offer the highest level of color balancing, as well as complete protection infrared heat.

Our indoor grow glasses offer protection under indoor lighting, but the SUNp lenses are engineered to protect against the sun's rays. Outdoor grow glasses are more than sunglasses. They are able to maintain balanced color for making decisions about horticulture. In addition, the top tier polarizing technology permits the wearer to be able to see camera, tablet or phone screens with perfect clarity.