Win Grow Glasses, Lights, Grow Tents

Win Grow Glasses, Lights, Grow Tents

Light up your trees this holiday season with free gifts from Method Seven, Gorilla Grow Tents, KIND LED, GreenPlanet Nutrients, Vanquish Lighting Systems, Nanolux Technology, and Bubble Bags. The seven companies have joined forces to bring you the Method 7 Days of Christmas Giveaway, assembling a sleigh full of prizes for growers in the cannabis industry. The contest will run from 11/27-12/21, and starting on December 16, prize packs of indoor grow room equipment will be raffled off to different winners every day for seven days. Method Seven, which makes the best grow glasses in the cannabis industry, is spearheading the event.

The first winner will be selected on Tuesday, December 16, and will receive a 315 CMH Grow Light and Indoor Grow Tent from Vanquish Lighting Systems. Starting in 2009 with the flagship digital ballast, Vanquish Lighting Systems has continued to raise the bar for indoor grow lights. Also included in the prize pack is a pair of Vanquish Citadel FX Full Spectrum Grow Glasses. Designed by Method Seven with direct input from Vanquish Lighting Systems, the Citadel is the newest offering in the grow glasses industry. “This frame is groundbreaking as it combines high impact safety certifications with a modern style that only top sunglass frame manufacturers in Italy can achieve,” says Dave Iacovelli, National Sales Manager for Method Seven. The Citadel meets and exceeds ANSI Z87+S high impact safety standards, and utilizes state of the art lens coatings such as flash silver, infrared heat absorption, and anti-reflective to stop harmful reflection or glare from bouncing into the eye.

On December 17, a second recipient will win a 2-Part Nutrient Starter Kit from GreenPlanet Nutrients. Born and raised in British Columbia, GreenPlanet Nutrients provides gardeners with the cleanest and most quality-driven products on the market.

KIND LED is beefing up the December 18 prize pack with a K3 XL Series LED Grow Light. Since pioneering the modern-day LED indoor grow light with the unveiling of their award-winning K5 XL1000 in 2014, KIND LED hasn’t slowed down on innovation. Their breakthrough lighting designs, catering specifically to the wants and needs of commercial growers, have continued to take the industry by storm. The NEW K3 XL Series offers the same unprecedented results as the K5 Series with secondary optical lenses and a new expanded perfect 12-band spectrum in an easy to use, plug n' play, seed to harvest fixture. Along with a new LED grow light, the winner of this prize pack will receive a Method Seven Catalyst LED Phone & Tablet Camera Filter. This easy to use grow room photo filter clips securely to your cell phone or tablet, allowing you to capture insanely clear and color balanced shots in your LED grow room.

On December 19, another lucky winner will receive a 2x4 Gorilla OG Grow Tent plus a $50 Method Seven Gift Card. A group of California growers, designers, and engineers collaborated in San Francisco in 2011, creating Gorilla Grow Tents and revolutionizing the future of indoor gardening. Their goal was simple: produce the thickest, strongest, and most durable indoor grow tent that could also adjust vertically to instantly increase much needed grow space. Gorilla's original grow tent design has revolutionized the growing industry by creating the best controlled indoor hydroponic or soil growing environment tents for sale.

Method Seven is giving away a pair of Evolution SUNp Polarized Sunglasses in Brown Tortoise on December 20. Featuring LightPro technology developed with Carl Zeiss Vision, these lenses deliver the magical contrast and clarity of polarized sunglasses, without the distortion viewing cell phones and other screens as with other brands. The Brown Tortoise is a new frame color for the Evolution—keep an eye out for additional frame options in 2021!

The December 21st prize pack includes Method Seven Resistance 2 SUNp Polarized Sunglasses, a favorite of Marcus ‘Bubbleman’ Richardson. “I love the difference frames, I love the feel on my face, I love the clarity and cleanliness of the lenses,” says Richardson, the inventor of Bubble Bags used for making bubble hash. The Resistance 2 SUNp Polarized Sunglasses are paired with Bubble Bags 5 Gallon 8 Bag Kit to complete the prize pack. Bubble Bags are made with a high quality 400 thread count nylon sidewall and a European heat-stamped screen. They are a good choice for the home user looking for a high-quality extraction bag and carry a five-year warranty against defects. This 8 Bag Kit contains a work bag, two contaminant removal bags, and five crystal collection bags. The 5 Gallon system can process up to 0.5 pounds or approximately 200 grams (dry weight) of plant material at a time.

On the last day of Christmas, a final winner will receive a Nanolux Summit Series modular lighting system. Nanolux Technology is one of the leading brands of horticultural ballasts and fixtures sold in 52 countries. The Nanolux Summit Series grow room light system allows growers to invest in lighting systems that can be utilized in many different applications. The backbone of the Summit system is the Summit ballast, the first ballast that operates a range of lamp styles and wattages with the correct lamp voltage, operation frequency, and strike voltage. It will correctly operate all HPS, MH, and CMH lamp configurations between 600W and 1000W. Also included in the prize pack are Method Seven Evolution HPS+ Grow Glasses in Brown Tortoise. Crafted from premium mineral glass, Perfect Color HPS lenses provide optimized color balancing, UV and infrared protection under HPS grow room lights. The silver "plus" coating attenuates the effects of large scale grows above 10,000 watts and double-ended HPS lighting fixtures.

The Method 7 Days of Christmas opens on Black Friday. The contest continues from 11/27-12/21, simply enter your name and email address at for a chance to win!