Catalyst Blurple LED Phone & Tablet Camera Filter for Grow Rooms

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Capture insanely clear and color balanced shots in your blurple or magenta spectrum LED grow room with an easy to use cell phone/ tablet lens filter. M7 tech + Carl Zeiss Vision lens = the perfect combo to show off your girls.

*Not for use under full spectrum LED lights.

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Create professional-quality media with a phone camera filter for grow rooms! The Catalyst Phone & Tablet Camera Filter clips securely to your cell phone or tablet, balancing the color spectrum with a high-quality Carl Zeiss lens for insane optical clarity when used under purple, blurple, or magenta spectrum LED grow lights. The filter screw mount is a 37mm aluminum alloy ring and can be removed and adapted for security cameras. Made from aircraft-grade high-temperature injected polymer for durability. Not for use under full spectrum LED lights. 

See the Catalyst Phone & Tablet Camera Filter in Action