Cultivator HPS+

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The Cultivator HPS+ provides great value and exceptional color balancing for HPS lighting with our proprietary lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision. Meets or exceeds ANSI-Z87+S & CSA-Z94.3 Standards.


Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Lens Technology

HPS+ grow room glasses are the go-to optical tool for indoor and outdoor growing under high pressure sodium lights. These polymer lenses are manufactured to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss. Notch filtering technology restores natural color, making it easier to spot issues like pests and nutrient deficiency. These durable, shatterproof lenses block UV light and near infrared heat, keeping eyes cool and moist under bright grow room lights.

Frame Technology

The Cultivator frame is made with an impact resistant high level polycarbonate, for a flexible and lightweight fit. This half-jacket frame includes no-slip rubber nose pads that hold the frame comfortably for hours, even in hot conditions. Certified by independent labs to meet or exceed International ANSI MSZ87+S and Canadian CSA Z94.3 specifications. This includes high velocity impact resistance. It's great for outdoor trail running and mountain biking too!

Frame Dimensions

Cultivator Frame Dimensions


Product Reviews

Written by Anthony Adams on Nov 11th 2020

Cultivator HPS+ are amazing!

i use a 1000 watt hps light to overwinter many ornamental and tropical plants and the eye strain when working in that room was becoming worrysome. i knew it couldnt be a good thing. After some research i found these and am incredibly pleased. its like viewing everything in true natural light and the decrease in light intensity is about perfect. you almost forget you are wearing them due the comfort and perfect picture.. Your eyes are worth the money get these asap

Written by Helena Vanderwey on Aug 20th 2018

Cultivator HPS Plus+

These glasses are awesome. They really cut down the glare. Customer service is as good as they say. We've had to have a couple of replacements and there was no hassle only great service.

Written by Daniel Ennamorato on Sep 4th 2015

Loving my cultivators!

This newest offering from M7 is a perfect fit, literally! I own several styles of Method Seven shades, but these Cultivators quickly took over as my preferred pair. Pros: -extremely lightweight frame that sticks to your head no matter what. -wider lenses give you better protection from lights and debris, inside and out. -tough, and I mean it. I've put these glasses through hell the past 3 months and they have performed beautifully. Cons (not really negatives but things to consider) - had some coworkers comment on the lightweight design as "cheap" but I feel this is a blessing over other M7 designs. -still hps+, but not quite as dark as my other +'s. I was actually stoked on this because sometimes my other glasses are too dark. -if you like to take photos through your shades, you might want another model. For some reason it comes out a little blurry on my phone. Crystal clear to the eye however. I've always wanted a more worker oriented pair of Method 7s and here they are! Number one complaint I hear about M7 is price, well no more! You have no excuse not to protect your eyes with these amazingly affordable glasses. Never understood why anyone would feel the need to skimp on eyeware protection anyway. Would you spray without a respirator? Obviously not! Protect yourself today with these amazing new glasses from my favorite eyeware company !!