Evolution HPSx Transition

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Enjoy your grow in style with these fashion-forward Italian frames sporting concealed flex-hinges! Sunglass by day, grow glass by night. HPSx lenses transition from signature blue HPS color-balancing technology to dark grey/blue in direct sunlight.


Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Lens Technology

Experience balanced color, comfort, and protection, wherever the day takes you. The HPSx lens is a proprietary polymer blend that transitions from signature blue HPS color-balancing technology to dark grey/blue when exposed to direct sunlight. The lenses darken fully within three minutes of exposure to direct sunlight. Transition varies based on conditions and UV levels. The HPSx lens was developed by Method Seven and is made in the USA. It offers full UV protection and crisp contrast. The ultimate tool for your indoor grow and your outdoor life.

Frame Technology

Made in Italy, this fashion-forward frame features concealed flex hinges for a custom fit that doesn't skimp on style. The Evolution is comfortable and flexible as it's made with TR90: an incredibly durable and lightweight thermoplastic material. Produced with Swiss technology, TR90 allows the Evolution to bend under pressure and contour your face.

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Product Reviews

Written by Alexander Scherzinger on Oct 1st 2020

Evolution HPSx

I admit that I thought the website was over advertising the effectiveness of this lens because I have tried out other brands. But nope. There online representation of how well they work is spot on. And for the price I'm relieved that it is. It's the same feeling of putting goggles on under water. I'm overall happy with my purchase no buyer's remorse.

Written by Kelly Starrett on Jul 28th 2020

I stopped wearing glasses for 10 years, until these.

I adore these. Driving, biking, glare, everything. I had a chance to try a friends version of these in some very high contrast riding. They blew my mind. I’m all in.

Written by Julie Jenard on Jul 13th 2020


I spent a long while shopping for the perfect pair for me. I reached out and you offered me great advice. I use readers so I really either needed clip ons and regular sunglasses or Rx, I decided to go for it with The Evolution. They perfectly cover my readers and because they transition, I can read outside and in the car! Phenomenal. Blown away happy HPS grower. All the gratitude from my eyes to yours.

Written by Mark Whittle on Oct 9th 2019

Evolution HPSX

I am very satisfied and my glasses enable me to see much clearer and spot any problems earlier than I could previously, which is very useful. Also I am able to spend much longer in my rooms without feeling fatigued and suffering from head aches. They also fit well and are very comfortable. Five Star!!

Written by David Robinson on Apr 25th 2019

Prescription Method sevens

When I first started wearing Method Seven glasses I did not require a prescription. In recent years my time in the grow room has suffered in quality due to great frustration in not being able to see clearly. Now that I have prescription method sevens it has literally changed my life. I am the Garden Sage, author of the Growers Handbook, and need these essential safety glasses not only to protect my eyes but to function in the grow room!

Written by Dave on Apr 18th 2019

Evolution HPSx Transition

The optical clarity and color correction the Evo HPSx provide is absolutely stunning. Then there's the comfort, so comfortable in fact I often forget I'm even wearing them. All that AND they look cool and tint outside in direct UV light. If you're wondering whether or not to spend the bit extra on these, do it! So pleased I did and couldn't ask for more from a pair of grow glasses. Definitely money well spent.