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Grow Room Glasses

What makes Method Seven different from other grow room glasses?

Quality and materials. Eye protection and color correction are essential for those working under high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. Our HPS grow room glasses are made with mineral glass instead of cheap plastic, allowing for better technology to create perfect vision, ultimate comfort, and supreme protection. The rare earth metals in our grow glasses remove the high energy spike HPS lights emit, while also removing the stroboscopic effect of HPS bulbs. Our synthetic lenses are crafted by Carl Zeiss, world leader in optics manufacturing. Our lenses are never bent to fit into frames. This manufacturing technique typical of cheap glasses causes major distortion and discomfort.

Which lenses do I need for my Ceramic Metal Halide lights?

The best option for ceramic metal halide glasses is the Agent 939 FX. Originally designed for full spectrum LEDs, the Agent 939 FX has the subtle color balance and complete protection necessary for ceramic metal halide lights; they also offer superb contrast, UV & infrared protection.

What's the difference between the green LED+ lenses and pinkish FX lenses?

The LED+ lenses offer profound color balance for red/blue to magenta spectrum LED grow lights (EXAMPLES: KIND LED or Black Dog LED). The FX lenses are designed for full spectrum LED lights, offering subtle color balance to enhance contrast (EXAMPLES: FLUENCE LED or Spectrum King LED).

Which lenses should I order if I use both MH and HPS lights?

HPS lights will overpower the bright white MH light. You're good to go with any of our HPS grow glasses. If you have the HPS lights and MH lights in separate grow rooms, rather than mixed together, you'll have a better experience with the appropriate lenses for each grow room.

What's the difference with all of the HPS options?

Our favorite HPS grow room glasses are the “Perfect Color” HPS+. These premium mineral glass lenses offer the most profound color balance, cooling, and clarity available. Glass lenses are a challenge to make, but they sure make for an amazing visual experience. HPSx Transition optics refer to transition grow glasses. Photochromic technology reacts with direct sunlight to transition the sunglasses from blue to a soft grey within a few minutes of exposure. Our polycarbonate HPS+ grow glasses attenuate and balance the HPS spectrum. They are manufactured in partnership Zeiss optics, guaranteeing your distortion and haze free clarity and comfort.

Does one set of grow glasses work for all grow room lights?

No. Our notch filtering technology works so well as it very specifically filters out some wavelengths of light while allowing other wavelengths to pass information to the eye. Each M7 lens is a filter highly tuned to its namesake light spectrum. It's not possible for a single lens to properly filter light for vastly different spectrums. As with filters, if the input changes, so does the output.

How do I use the camera photo filters?

Our photo filters are compatible with the Cokin “P” series filter holder system (not included).The filters fit best into the center slot of the filter holder. You will also select an adapter ring sized appropriately for your camera, they are available in many sizes: 48mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm. Cokin also offers a universal adapter, note,  some say this option has a less secure fit. Larger lenses will experience some vignetting. Check out Cokin’s website to see if your camera is compatible: 

How can I sell M7 Grow in my store?

Please contact us to request an authorized dealer application. If you reside outside the US, consider visiting one of our authorized distributors for Method Seven's outstanding quality without the hassle of ordering internationally.

Prescription Sunglasses

Can you make prescription sunglasses?

Prescription pilot sunglasses and HPS grow glasses are available at

How long do prescriptions take?

Our performance prescription sunglasses take about 3-5 weeks to create. Please note, there are occasional production flaws and we may opt to have your lenses remade if we feel they are less than perfect, this may add 1-2 weeks. The expedited shipping service will be fulfilled once your prescription sunglasses are ready, but selecting this service does not shorten processing time.

I need progressive lenses. How will you get my measurements?

Within 1-2 business days of placing your order, a Measurement Kit will be shipped to you (at no additional cost), to be taken to your local optician. The kit includes a sample frame, Rx form, and pre-paid return postage. The sample frame has lenses that may be marked by your optician. Upon return of your kit we submit your order for processing.

Can you make prescription bifocals?

Our bifocals are “readers.” They have flat-line magnification in the lower lens with NO forward vision correction in the top of the lens. If you need forward vision correction, please order the progressive option. We cannot accommodate forward vision correction with flat-line bifocals.

Do you accept insurance?

While you may check out with your flexible spending debit card, we do not bill insurance. We can provide an invoice indicating your prescription upon request.

What if my Rx isn’t right?

Processing errors are corrected by Method Seven at no cost. Rx changes due to a new Rx or incorrectly reported Rx are amended for a fee. Please report Rx issues within 30 days of receiving your order.

Pilot Sunglasses

What makes Method Seven different from other sunglasses? Everything! Our notch filtering technology optics enhances contrast while preserving your peripheral view, and 13 coatings cut through glare without screen disruptive polarization. Our hand-tooled Japanese Titanium frames make our pilot sunglasses headset and oxygen mask compatible, allowing visual comfort and ease from takeoff to wheels down.

What is VLT%?

Visual light transmission, or VLT, refers to the percentage of light passing through the lenses. Our SKY18% lenses filter out 82% of light, allowing a visual light transmission of 18% (about average). SKY9% lenses are the darkest and SKY30% lenses are the lightest.

Are your PILOT sunglasses polarized?

No. We make top-notch non-polarized pilot sunglasses, so that pilots can view their instrument panel and see through the windscreen without distortion. Our notch filtering technology cuts through glare without polarization.

Do your PILOT sunglasses block blue light?

While our lenses adjust blue light, we do not condone completely blocking blue light. Blue light is an important range of the visual color spectrum, and it assists with both peripheral vision and contrast perception. We reduce higher energy blue light while preserving areas of helpful information. Blue light wavelengths are too large to penetrate human cells like UV.

What is the difference between the FLT and SKY lenses?

The SKY lens is made of crystalline glass and gets it’s notch filtering magic by melting rare earth elements into the glass. The blue color is a result of how the light interacts with these natural elements, similar to how the sky is blue due to refracted light. Interestingly, we didn’t set out to make our lens blue, rather it's a natural result of the filtering elements. The SKY lens is the best, with clarity you can only get from glass lenses. It's going to block IR (heat) the best. It's very scratch-resistant, but it will break if you drop it on concrete. The SKY lens is available in three VLT%, from very light (30%), medium (18%) to very dark (9%).

The FLT lens is polymer, so it’s lighter than glass and is nearly unbreakable, but you must be more careful about scratches. We achieved remarkable clarity, the best on the market, so it’s close to the glass. It’s not blue, but it achieves extremely similar notch filtering through advanced dyes and coatings. Even some IR (heat) blocking, which no other polymer (plastic) lens does that we know of. It’s remarkable. We only make this in one VLT (18%) at this time because that’s the sweet spot for most people and uses, and it’s a new technology. We might bring a darker lens to market next year. But our philosophy is “give your eyes as much light as you can, just give them good filtered light”. The FLT 18 is just amazing.

Order Questions

Has my order been received?

You will receive an automated e-mail from Customer Service within minutes of completing your order online. If you do not receive this email, please contact Customer Service. You can also see comprehensive information about your orders on your My Account page.

Has my order shipped?

You will receive an automated email from customer service when your order ships. This will include information about how to track your shipment until its arrival.

What is METHOD SEVEN's warranty?

We stand behind everything we make. Please see our Warranty Page for details and instructions.