Lennox HPS Rx Prescription

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Grow in style with these fashion-forward cat eye frames designed for smaller faces! The first and only HPS grow room prescription glasses.

Please see ordering information below.

Rx Option Required
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How to order

  1. Simply add the prescription product you’d like to order to your cart and complete checkout.
  2. Within 1-2 business days, Method Seven will send an email to the address you provided at checkout with an Rx form and instructions.
  3. Return the completed Rx form and a copy of your valid spectacles prescription (dated within 2 years) to our lab for processing.
  4. Your custom Rx optics will be ready to ship in 3-5 weeks. Method Seven will send you an email with the tracking number.
  5. New prescriptions may take a bit of adjusting to, but if something isn’t right, contact us within 30 days for an evaluation or return.

If your address is located outside of the US, please contact customerservice@methodseven.com to request a quote.

Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Lens Technology

The first and only prescription grow room glasses optimized for high pressure sodium lights. Constructed from a durable polycarbonate, these grow room prescription glasses feature advanced notch filtering technology custom crafted for Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions. Optimized color balancing under bright grow room lights makes it easier to spot issues like pests and nutrient deficiency. Experience true color and full UV protection in a lightweight, shatterproof lens customized to your Single Vision or Progressive prescription.

Frame Technology

The Lennox is a women-specific frame designed to fit smaller faces while still providing plenty of coverage. Named after Mary Lennox, the transformational character in The Secret Garden, this frame is confident, refined, and whimsical. From your secret (or not so secret garden) to the street, the Lennox will transform your view.

Frame Dimensions