Mendo Dope Evolution Camo HPS Transition

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Enjoy your grow in style with these fashion-forward Italian frames sporting concealed flex-hinges designed with Mendo Dope! The HPS lens transitions from signature blue HPS color-balancing technology to dark grey/blue when exposed to direct sunlight

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Lens Technology

Our HPS Transition lenses sidle from your grow room to the street without missing a beat. Crafted from a durable polymer, these proprietary lenses use photochromic technology to transition from signature blue color balancing technology under high pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights to soft grey/blue in direct sunlight. Experience natural color, comfort, and protection wherever the day takes you. Transition time varies based on weather conditions and UV levels, but it generally takes less than three minutes of consistent exposure to direct sunlight for the lenses to change over. HPS Transition lenses offer 100% UV protection and crisp contrast. Plus, they're made in the USA. The ultimate tool for your indoor grow and your outdoor life.

Frame Technology

A traditional camouflage of forest green, sand, and cedar in a matte finish for those who want to blend in and stand out. The newest addition to Method Seven’s exclusive Mendo Dope collection, the Mendo Dope Evolution Camo is a nod to outdoor growers, and the hip-hop group at the heart of Norcal’s Emerald Triangle. This fashion-forward frame features concealed flex hinges for a custom fit that doesn't skimp on style. Made with TR90, an incredibly durable and lightweight thermoplastic material, the Mendo Dope Evolution Camo delivers flexibility and all-day comfort.

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