Operator Blurple LED+

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Like nothing else, the world's first optics optimized for blurple (blue + purple) and magenta spectrum LED lighting environments. Lenses manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss Vision wrapped in Italian made frames.

*Not for use with full spectrum LED lights.


Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Frame Technology

The Operator frame is made with Swiss polymer technology, TR-90, for a flexible and lightweight fit. This full wrap frame delivers full coverage with Italian craftsmanship and style.  

Lens Technology

Premium polymer lenses with 100% UV protection and a flash silver exterior lens coating, manufactured to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss. Unlike cheap sunglasses, these lenses are decentered (asymmetrical) to eliminate distortion that would otherwise occur with a curved lens. Experience balanced color under blurple (blue + purple) or magenta spectrum LED lights.*Not for use with full spectrum LED lights.

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Product Reviews

Written by Cory on Jan 26th 2021

Operator LED+

Best glasses on the market for LED lighting. Glad I purchased these, my eyes feel so much better while looking at my plants!. Highly recommend

Written by Martin on Jul 9th 2020

Operator LED

Lightweight, comfortable to wear, and to be honest, quite cheap when you think about the imortance of eye protection. And in addition to that, they make the hobby is so much more enjoyable in the right colors. I am very excited about this product!

Written by Abel Doremus on May 20th 2020

Glasses do what they do and well

I absolutely love these glasses. Comfortable, clarity, and no eyestrain migraine. I have the less expensive

Written by Jeff Dyke on Dec 30th 2019

Operator LED+ is a must have!

Bought a pair for my lady who works at an outdoor grow that's supplemented with LED lights. She absolutely loved them so much that she both me a pair for our indoor grow at home! Thank you Method 7 for helping us to protect our vision!

Written by guest on Oct 25th 2017


Great glasses. Works excellently and high quality. Got a t shirt aswell :) Also amazing service. Fast and quick to reply.

Written by guest on Apr 25th 2017


I started getting 'prisms' in my eyesight from working in LED gardens without proper eye wear, then I frantically bought these. No more eye problems, no more worries! TY! 100% worth the price.

Written by guest on Aug 4th 2016

Your company is 5 star all the way.

The price/quality is incredible. The shipping was flawless. Your glasses are comfortable, well made, and give me clear vision of what is going on under the lights. They do everything you say they do 100%. I could not be any happier.

Written by Lena Molinari on Aug 24th 2015

Couldn't garden without them

Lightweight frames which is great for putting in hours. The color is great. I can't imagine putting in the hours I do without them.

Written by Brent Ross on Aug 11th 2015

Been using for about a year.

So they work and that's why the 2 stars. It adjusts the color so I can see everything as it would be in normal light. The down side is they are very very cheap and crappy. They are $5 safety glasses tinted green the quality is sad. For $80 I expected a product with more promise. I have 2 pairs I purchased at the same time that have literally fallen apart with normal use in 1 year. In this case I don't think I got what I paid for... I hope they take more pride in the future because the idea is great just poorly executed.

Written by Sean Hawks on Nov 7th 2014

Don't grow in the dark. See clearly with Method Seven LED lenses.

Unbelievable. The LED Operator lenses perfectly filter the spectrum of the ColoGrow365 LED grow lights. These lenses filter out the intense "pinks" and protect your eyes from discomfort and damage.

Written by Chas Shellian on Oct 9th 2014

I saw the light...

Was recently visiting my friend Cynthia @ Hydro-Lite (.com) and she graciously allowed me to try on a pair of the LED glasses and see the difference with a Black-Dog LED. Wow, it appears as if the bright light was neutralized! ;-) I can now only look forward to acquiring a pair of these for my own uses. Thank you so much Method Seven... You guys are the real ****!! Hahaha Dr.Chas-THC

Written by Cammie Mckenzie on Mar 7th 2014

Perfect for SOL and Extreme LED Grow Lights

I'm glad we provided Method 7 with a sample of our lights back in 2012, as these glasses work flawlessly with our spectrum. No longer do you see pink when using our SOL or Extreme LED Grow Lights. I didn't expect them to work as well as they do. Great job Jeff - you pulled it off.