Method Seven Product Technology Overview

Humans rely on sight as the dominant sense. Vision not only protects us from danger, it allows us to render the world and push the boundaries of possibility. That's why Method Seven doesn't settle for sunglasses. We use a process called notch filtering to selectively filter light and optimize your vision in various extreme environments. We empower your eyes so you can be unmistakable.


  • Color Balancing
  • Full Protection

See balanced color under bright lights for professional growers seeking the best protection—and the best yield.


  • Non-polarized
  • Peripheral Vision

Unlock the true potential of the most important flight instrument of all: the human eye.


  • Ground Resolution
  • Depth of Field

Render trails, roots, and rocks in low light conditions and diminish glare while retaining the sparkle of life.


  • New World Polarizing
  • Actual color

Enhanced clarity and contrast for growing, driving, fishing, trail running, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities.