Resistance Perfect Color HPS+

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The go-to optical tool for indoor growers using HPS lights. This high quality German mineral glass lens infused with the perfect mix of rare earth elements provides "Perfect Color” in your HPS grow. The Plus adds a silver coating for brighter spaces.


The Resistance utilizes patent pending Rendition lens technology and is the world's ultimate pair of glasses for the grower in search of "Perfect Color" in their HPS lighted grow. The Resistance HPS+ adds silver "plus" coating for brighter, large scale grow rooms above 10,000 watts. These also work great as a soothing, blue tinted sunglass.

Lenses are manufactured from the highest quality German mineral glass which also provides that highest level of clarity available.

Product Reviews

Written by Rick Hill on Apr 22nd 2019

Resistance Perfect Color HPS Plus+

I love my Resistance Perfect Color HPS Plus+ Method Seven glasses. I have been using my M7’s for a little over three years. I won’t go on my garden without them. The forever policy is pretty awesome too. Not to mention the staff is very responsive when it comes to warrantee repairs. Also they make a wonderful tool for taking photos inside of your garden with the lights on!!!!!

Written by Damian on Mar 24th 2019



Written by Cecilia Hubert on Feb 19th 2019

Great quality

These glasses are a must have if you work in the cannabis industry. No eye strain whatsoever, even after a full day under tens of thousands of watts from gavitas.

Written by guest on Feb 9th 2017

Method Seven ROCKS!

I bought a pair of the Method Seven Resistance Perfect Color HPS PLUS+ grow light glasses. What a difference! No more weird feeling after working under the HPS and I can see what my plants look like in normal light. I got the glasses with the Carl Ziess glass lenses and am completely stoked. They even work as a photography filter!

Written by Ryan Labrado on Sep 21st 2015

Awesome Eyewear Awesome Company

I purchased the Resistance HPS plus a few weeks ago after using another brand for years. The difference in vision is amazingly brilliant and clear. My eyes feel less stressed after a long day under the HPS lights and this was noticeable after the very first use. I would recommend these glasses and Method Seven to anyone that is serious about protecting your eyes from high wattage bulbs. They make great outdoor glasses as well with a soft blue tint. I needed customer service help and their staff was on the ball and handled it like a pro. 10 out of 10.

Written by Conor Feeney on Sep 2nd 2015

10/10 for everything

These glasses have made a massive impact in the way a dear friend of mine can now use his indoor garden without any fear of damage and uncomfort during working in his indoor garden. The product Is, 10/10 and the customer service is just as good. Thank you very much guys for all your help.

Written by Joe Ellis on Jul 16th 2015

Great Glasses!

These are the highest quality sunglasses that I have ever owned. The glass lenses are very sharp and crisp. The blue color is great outside- you can still see in the shade and shadows. The only problem that I have with these glasses is that my girlfriend likes them as much as I do, so I have to keep a close watch over them.

Written by Lena Molinari on May 29th 2015

Save your eyesight!

These Glasses have got to be the best thing to happen for those of us who work under HPS Lights!!! After decades of working under HPS Lights, these are the first glasses I have ever used that let me see in natural color what it is I am working with. All while PROTECTING MY EYESIGHT from harm. And they look great to boot!

Written by Duly Greenlungs on Oct 20th 2013

love these things.

Lucked out and got these for free just want to know how to do warranty stuff, btw they are the best pair of glasses I have ever owned