TICAL Resistance 2 FX Premium - Black Honeycomb

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Method Man & TICAL Limited Edition

Black Honeycomb over a Matte Black Frame

Uses: Designed for working under LEDs or CMH,& incredible for any outdoor activity

Lens Coatings: Resin Repel, Anti-Reflective & Infrared Reduction

Italian Crafted Frames with Flex Hinges

Lens Technology

The M7 FX Premium lens eliminates spots and floaters under LED lighting and works incredible outside on the day-to-day under the Sun. Designed in conjunction with Zeiss Vision, the FX Premium lens carries our signature Resin Repel coating which protects the lens and coatings underneath it and allows for fast easy cleaning, no matter what hits the lenses! The FX lens also features anti-reflection coating which stops any glare on the backside of the lens from hitting your eyes and an infrared coating that reduces an IR (a form of heat) from hitting your eyes; keeping them extra cool and moist. The FX lens cuts glare, honors true color, and provides insane clarity for the best vision of your life.

Frame Technology

Hand-crafted Italian frames painted with TICAL honeycomb. Lightweight TR-90 thermoplastic, this custom frame is outfitted with texturized rubber accents for no-slip grip and flex hinges bullet-proof durability. Featuring big, bold temple pieces on a stylish Base 8 wrap, the Resistance 2 has you covered with modern styling and full protection from light at all angles.

Frame Dimensions

Resistance Frame Dimensions