Agent 939 FX Terp Diamonds Limited Edition

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We only made 200 pairs of these Limited Edition grow glasses! The unique pattern of Terp Diamonds extract paired with shatterproof FX lenses to protect your eyes under full spectrum grow room lights.

*Not for use with 6,500°K - 10,000°K metal halide lamps, blurple (blue+purple), or magenta spectrum LED lights.

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Terp Diamonds (aka Diamond Sauce) has quickly become one of the hottest concentrates on the market, beloved by extractors and end-users for its potent terpenes and rich flavor. The Agent 939 Terp Diamonds delivers the full-wrap coverage, bomber hinges, and recessed rubber nose pads of Method Seven’s most popular frame with the one-of-a-kind color variation produced by the Terp Diamonds extraction process. Experience the comfort, durability, and flex of TR90 thermoplastic layered with the bronze hues and golden highlights of Diamond Sauce extract. This small batch run of Agent 939 Terp Diamonds drops on 2/12/21 at 12:12 pm PST. ONLY 200 AVAILABLE—each pair comes with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Don’t miss your chance, because once they sell out, they’re gone! 

Lens Technology

Our new FX lens is an engineering marvel, designed in conjunction with Carl Zeiss Laboratories, ophthalmologists, optical physicists, and even an electrical engineer. Experience comfort and safety while working under bright full spectrum LED lights, and 3,000°K - 4,200°K CMH / LEC lamps. Full spectrum LED technology emits powerful band radiation and potentially UVC; while CMH / LEC lamps contain UV and infrared. It might look like an average sunny day under full spectrum lights, but these "engineered spectrums" require overkill protection. The FX lens is remarkable in its ability to get high levels of beneficial light into your eyes comfortably and safely, allowing your eyes to work more naturally, and with less strain. The FX lens also blocks some near infrared, which aids in keeping your eyes cool and moist. In addition to protecting your eyes under the bright lights of your indoor grow, the FX lens is fantastic for wearing outdoors on a hot sunny day. 
*Not for use with 6,500°K - 10,000°K metal halide lamps, blurple (blue+purple), or magenta spectrum LED lights.

Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

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