Altitude 8B Wrap Sunglasses

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The Altitude frame's advanced construction combines titanium alloy and cutting edge injected plastics for incredible fit and peripheral vision with unique styling. The frames are designed specifically for headsets and tested for fit with oxygen masks

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Precision optics designed specifically for aviators. Our advanced mineral glass lenses include rare earth elements to provide the best contrast available. Each of three lens options utilize special thin-film coating technologies to dial in specific amounts of visible light (VLT) to suit different pilot preferences and exposure levels to sunlight depending on typical routes.

The Altitude frame's advanced construction combines titanium alloy and cutting edge injected plastics for incredible fit and peripheral vision with unique styling. The frames are designed specifically for headsets. Also designed and tested for fit with oxygen masks.

Product Reviews

Written by Dennis Philapavage on Aug 14th 2018

Sky 30

In 20+ years of flying, these are hands down the best sunglasses I ever wore in the sky! Method Seven has "nailed it" all around - great product (form and function), along with an excellent customer service experience when I was finalizing my choice. It is rare that I write a review, but today I wanted to share with the company and any prospective buyers how extremely satisfied I am. If you find yourself hesitating on the purchase, don't. This is a great product!

Written by guest on Jun 26th 2018

The perfect work and play glasses

I spend hours weekly at the Flight Levels for a major airline. Eye fatigue and concern for my long term health made Method Seven the best choice. I also ski and float plane fly and pilot warbirds on my days off. This is truly a pair of glasses I can use in both worlds. Found them durable and light enough for extended wear and they work well with a variety of headsets and helmets. My eyes deserve the best and Method Seven is that.

Written by Bart Horner on Apr 20th 2018


As a GA pilot I have tried many high end sunglasses. M7 Altitude 8B are by far my favorite and the only sunglasses I've used since I received my first pair. The reduced eye strain is legitimate. They are my every day sunglasses for flying and driving. I now own all three spectrums - I like them that much. However, I wear the VLT18 about 75% of the time and would recommend this one as your first purchase.

Written by guest on Apr 20th 2018

Awesome lenses

I fly 757’s and 767’s at all hours. These are the best aviation sunglasses I’ve ever owned. I’m sure you’d like them.

Written by guest on Apr 11th 2018

Worth it.

I have just completed side by side test flying these sunglasses with a competitor's glasses with photochromic lenses that adjust to the light. I got a great deal on the competitor's glasses and was hoping they would be my choice. After flying with both however, it was clear the Method Seven glasses were a superior product, and worth the extra investment. I went with the sky9 for maximum light filtering. Even with the dark lenses, clarity and contrast were superb both inside the flight deck and through the windshield. LCD displays actually are easier to read than with the glasses off in all but low light conditions. I fly a Citation Sovereign, and the glasses work well from takeoff to the flight levels to touchdown. The only time I take them off when flying is under a thick overcast or at night (of course).

Written by guest on Dec 7th 2017

M7 Aviator Altitude sunglasses

My wife recently purchased me a pair of the Method 7 Aviators. I am a commercial airline pilot and need to have perfect vision in the cockpit-without distortion or distractions from the sun. These glassses are the ultimate sunglasses for any type of pilot; and for that matter-anyone who regularly spends time in the sun! The lens is amazingly clear and crisp-and for me-a pilot for nearly 40 years between military & commercial flying-these are the highest quality lenses and frames as well! I also wear them when I am not flying-and they give me the best protection from the sun during my daily routine! I highly recommend the Method 7 sunglasses for Aviators and all others as well.

Written by guest on Aug 18th 2017


I am an airline pilot and I've been using the method seven sky 30 sunglasses for a few months and I highly recommend them. I am in my early 40's and I thought that my vision was finally starting to go because my eyes would hurt after a long day of flying. It turns out that my eyes were just fatigued from using everyday sunglasses. There is a huge difference in the way my eyes feel during and after flying with the method seven sunglasses versus regular sunglasses. The Sky 30 is also a nice level of shade because you can still see the instrument panel very well and it makes it easy to look inside and outside while going around weather. I am so happy that I met Barry and he introduced me to method seven. Thank you Barry. My eyes are eternally grateful!

Written by guest on Aug 2nd 2017

Pilot Perfect

I am a 53 year old professional aviator. I have spent many thousands of dollars and sunglasses over the years. Nothing has come close to what Method Seven has come up with. The optics and clarity are incredible. I have never "seen" anything like it. The temples fit underneath the headset better than anything I've ever experienced. The quality and customer service is second to none. It is true that you get what you pay for. You won't go wrong with this choice!

Written by guest on Jul 14th 2017

Perfect for anyone

I had the pleasure of wearing a pair of these glasses for a day, loved the lens and the color. I had cataract surgery with lens implanted years ago. I must have 10 pair of sunglasses in a drawer because I have not found the "perfect" one that takes the glare away. The minute I put the glasses on I fell in love with them. Everything was sharp in color and no glare. Very well made. It is a great product.

Written by guest on Nov 5th 2016

The best sunglasses/lenses for flying!

I’m an Airbus A320 pilot who also enjoys flying light civil aircraft. The Method Seven Altitude's are the perfect sunglasses for flying! I’ve worn grey, green and amber aviation lenses over 23+ years of flying and nothing compares to these blue lenses. I tried both the Sky 9 and Sky 18’s and found the Sky 9 works best in the conditions I mostly fly in (high altitude airline flying). The Sky 9’s were great in bright sky conditions and were very effective over a bright white solid undercast where the Sky 18's were not dark enough. I was originally worried that the Sky 9’s would be too dark to see the A320 glass cockpit displays (the issue I’ve had with every other dark lens I’ve tried before), but they were not too dark and the lens works very well with the colors on the display. Under an overcast (with less sun) I found the Sky 9 still works well and is not to dark, but Sky 18 was better in those conditions and did provide better contrast than the Sky 9’s. The Sky 9 also worked well when flying light civil aircraft at much lower altitudes, but the Sky 18 is better suited (in my opinion) to low altitude flying. Overall, I prefer the Sky 9 over the Sky 18 lens for versatility as it was never too bright or too dark to see in and out of the cockpit where the Sky 18 lens was not dark enough at times. Ideally, I would have a pair for each type of flying, but for now- it's the Sky 9's.

Written by guest on Aug 19th 2016

Just the ticket!

I fly fixed wing - C172 for the aerial photography stuff - love the lenses - the darkest lens is the ticket for the type of flying that I do. Thanks again for taking the time with me to explain what you've done. On the way back from Oshkosh we were at 11,000ft, over a bright overcast with the early sun in our face - these glasses performed! Great stuff.

Written by guest on Aug 3rd 2016


Picked them up at OshKosh and flew home with them. They really took the heat off my eyes like the guys at Osh said. Took a few hours to get used to, but now I like the cool feel and cool color. Still like my raybands when I get on the ground, but these are fantastic in the air.

M7 Sky™ is a new creation blending rare-earth elements within crystalline lenses to notch filter specific high energy light. We custom design our lens coatings for numerous benefits to the pilot and both our Altitude and Ascent frames offer three unique VLT options that provide pilots choice between the darkest and lightest lenses available for pilots as well as a middle of the road solution. This uniquely covers the full range of normal to extreme conditions of high altitude flying.

  • SKY 9 Lens

    SKY 9 LENS (Darkest)

    Our darkest offering, transmitting 9% VLT of available light and yet your flight deck can still be rendered in sharp detail. Perfect for flying west, chasing the sun or in very exposed cockpits

  • SKY 18 Lens

    SKY 18 LENS (Medium)

    The SKY 18 Lens transmits 18% VLT of available light and is a great choice for general and mixed conditions

  • SKY 30 Lens

    SKY 30 LENS (Lightest)

    Lets in lots of light, but still protects and takes the edge off. Perfect for pilots whose eyes require more light or for darker cockpits; even for pilots who typically don’t wear or frequently take off their sunglasses during flight. SKY 30 can stay on all day, in all conditions, even on the jetway