Method Seven - Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven technology blends incredible color balancing for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums (HPS, Metal Halide, LED, Sun) with exceptionally high-quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity.

Our LENSES protect your eyes from harmful UVA, UVB, UVC rays and infrared heat while correcting color imbalances and restoring natural, healthy vision.

LED Grow


The world's first glasses formulated to light balance and compensate for the unique spectrum of LED grow lights. Our M7 lens technology, highest quality materials, and manufacturing by Carl Zeiss Vision provide exceptional color and clarity.

HPS Grow


Delivers "Perfect Color" for the world's ultimate grow experience in the intense yellow spectrum and harsh conditions of HPS lighting. These are THE best lenses for the professional working extended hours under HPS or the passionate hobbyist who simply wants the best.

Metal Halide Grow


Experience exceptional color balancing for MH (metal halide) lighting with our proprietary polycarbonate lenses. Our silver plus lens coating makes our eyewear a good choice for outdoors too.

Outdoor Grow


Improve your vision and enjoyment of your outdoor grow with our sun lenses formulated specifically for outdoor gardening. Better detect pests, mineral deficiencies and improve your grow.

Pioneering design ThaT HELPs PROTECT YOUR EYES

Grow rooms have lots of light, but it's not broad spectrum—great for plants, but not your eyes. The rods and cones in your eyes need broad spectrum light to focus, recognize shapes, notice movement, and see color. Sunglasses make things worse by darkening all the light, so you squint less, but you still can’t see color, and it’s even more difficult to focus. Other grow glasses attempt to color balance the extreme light spectrum but use cheap plastic lenses with very poor clarity that distort light and are hazy or blurry.

With cheap grow room glasses, your eyes and brain work overtime to compensate. This leads to fatigue, headaches, seeing spots, and in some cases experience damaging UV radiation. Your eyes and health are very important, so is getting the most out of your grow. Don’t risk using sunglasses or cheap grow room glasses!


Rendition glass lenses virtually eliminate the strobe effect caused by HPS and Metal Halide lights


Made from premium German mineral glass or high quality synthetics by Italy’s Carl Zeiss


All lenses are asymmetrically tuned bringing distortion free focus and clarity to your eyes


M7 lenses remove all harmful UV A/B rays and additionally eliminates all UVC rays

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DESIGNED FOR horticulturists

Method seven delivers epic color and complete safety under HID Lights. See foliage accurately, spot pests and deficiencies early and efficiently. no headaches, strain, and no long-term eye damage

Indoor Before without LED Lens Indoor After with LED Lens