Altitude Wrap SKY Sunglasses

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The Altitude features cutting edge injected plastics and titanium alloy temple pieces in a wraparound frame. The world leader in visual performance, SKY mineral glass lenses define the pinnacle of contrast and clarity.

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Vision Above All

Precision optics designed specifically for aviators. Our top-of-the-line lenses feature notch filtering technology for contrast, clarity, and performance that is second to none. Each lens option utilizes special thin-film coating technologies to dial in specific amounts of visible light (VLT) suited to pilot preferences and light levels for typical routes.

Lens Technology

SKY lenses are Method Seven’s original top-of-the-line pilot lenses, crafted from German glass. SKY technology combines eleven elements, including rare-earth neodymium, molecularly bonded within a crystalline lens. Thirteen proprietary coatings block harmful UV and infrared heat while providing unmatched color and clarity. If you’re looking for the best sunglasses for pilots, nothing beats glass.

Frame Technology

The Altitude frame's advanced construction combines titanium alloy and cutting edge injected plastics for incredible fit and peripheral vision with unique styling. The frames are designed specifically for headsets. 

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Ambassador, Backcountry 182 & Altitude SKY30

Product Reviews

Written by Dr. M on Jan 14th 2021


Received my Alt Wrap 30. Perfect for the low light in the cockpit of my planes. Thank you for the tether! I’ll use that on my Alt wrap 18 I use for fishing!!

Written by John on Sep 11th 2020

Worth every penny.

As a medevac pilot I spend a lot of time flying into the sun. The 9% are dark enough to handle the bright conditions but they still allow for use below a cloud deck or twilight!

Written by Captain Dave Gilmer, Alaska Airlines on Aug 13th 2020


So happy with my Method Seven sunglasses. Superb quality, comfort, form, and function, Method Seven had really cracked the code with their Altitude Wrap Sky sunglasses. They’re perfect for flying and driving alike and are my go-to sunglasses for the Boeing, Airbus, and Subaru;-) All the best and congratulation, James!

Written by Jeff K. on Apr 26th 2020

Altitude Wrap Sky 30% - CLEAR!

Initially, I purchased the 18% VLT, and I was not 100% confident with my purchase knowing there was a chance I may prefer the 30% VLT lenses. The same day I received the 18% VLT lenses, I ordered the 30%. I prefer the 30% VLT lenses with the reason being I don't have to remove them for extra clarity when viewing instruments or for reading. I don't wear readers nor do I have any vision problems for mid-50's. The Altitude Wrap Sky Sunglasses are very comfortable and light weight, and it's easy to forget they are on. These are the best sunglasses I have ever owned, and the clarity is amazing. I do appreciate the customer service that allowed me to try the 18% VLT and the 30% VLT with the understanding I would return one of them (I tested them above the clouds and on an overcast day). I am 100% confident with my purchase. If you're on the fence with whether or not to try Method Seven, I would encourage you to go for it. I'm glad I did. It may take a few orders and returns to find the perfect pair, but it's worth it.

Written by Dennis C Philapavage on Apr 6th 2020

Product and Customer Service

Both are top notch and you won't regret your purchase!

Written by Shane on Dec 10th 2019

Promises Delivered!

I will admit, I was a pain in the butt customer! I emailed the company several times with various questions and I was highly skeptical of these sunglasses being any different that the other "premiums" I've had. Over the years I've had many premiums that just don't fit quite right or have quality issues even know they cost a bunch and were "brand name". My BIGGEST problem has always been how glasses fit my face (I have a narrow face). I'm very pleased to say that I am very very happy with the fit of these glasses and the quality! Some here say the 9% are a little too dark but I personally disagree. I have the 9% and they work well in bright and moderate light conditions. we have a mile long tunnel I drive through regularly where I live and I don't need to remove the glasses to see clearly in the tunnel (though there is lighting in the tunnel). The arms on the glasses are well designed and work well with my headset while flying. Well done Method Seven!

Written by Adam L. on Jul 10th 2019

Best lenses I’ve ever worn!

I discovered the M7 Sky glasses a few months ago at SNF19. I’m always leery of premium sunglasses- they always seem to over promise and under deliver, so I approached the M7’s with high expectations. After a couple months of using the glasses and I can absolutely say these are the best lenses I’ve ever worn. I’m worried you read that as “those are really good sunglasses” so let me say it again, these are the best lenses I’ve ever worn! I have worn dozens of lenses designed for aviation and nothing even holds a candle to the M7’s. The instant you put them on your eyes relax and the tension and strain on your eyes is gone. The M7 Sky lens is to aviation sunglasses what that premium ANR headset was to aviation headsets. Once you’ve experienced them, they’ll become the standard everything else is compared against. I can’t imagine flying without of them. I was so happy with my M7 Sky18’s that I asked for a pair of M7 Sky9’s to really compare the two. Professionally, I sit in the left seat of the A320 family of aircraft. Both lenses worked extremely well and are truly a “gate to gate” product. The Sky18’s are my favorite of the two. The 18’s offer remarkable clarity, contrast and protection. I can easily and clearly see every instrument in my flight deck from gate to gate, even under overcast conditions or in early morning/late evening lighting conditions. At altitude, above the clouds and in direct sunlight, they’re just as impressive. The instrument panel is visible in impressive clarity and contrast. The brightness outside is subdued to a perfectly comfortable level. After transcontinental flights, I can land feeling much less fatigued and those tension headaches from viewing the bright exterior and dark interior (when viewed by an inferior lens) are all eliminated. They really are the first gate-to-gate lens, regardless of weather conditions, I’ve worn. You will not regret your acquisition of the M7 Sky Sunglasses. After you’ve experience them, you’ll never be happy with other lenses. I’ve shared the Sky18’s and Sky9’s with several of my colleges on the Airbus. Most have preferred the Sky18’s because the remarkable contrast and clarity. The Sky9’s are just as impressive, only a little darker. For me, in large and small airplanes I prefer the Sky18’s. If you’re deciding between the two, I recommend the Sky18’s unless you have particularly sensitive eyes.

Written by Scott V on Jun 11th 2019

Great glasses

Have been a loyal Serengeti wearer for years. Still love them, but these are without a doubt the best aviation sunglasses I've ever worn. Comfortable and the lens is awesome.

Written by Pat on Nov 13th 2018


I always wear sunglasses in the plane. It’s night or flying under a thick overcast before I take them off, but usually day flying in the mid 30 FL’s. I got the Sky 9’s thinking they may be a little too dark, but they are great!! The clarity is awesome and the contrast makes it very easy to see all the screens, lights, iPad etc. Definitely recommend for all types of flying.

Written by Anthony on Oct 4th 2018

Method seven the company

I bought my glasses at Oshkosh 2016 and the other day I broke the one arm piece hinge. I sent my glasses back to method seven for repair, they contacted me and said that they cannot fix them, so they will send me a new pair free of charge and shipped for free. Which they did a couple of days later. How awesome is that, this is the best customer service I have ever got, these people rock. Thank you.

Written by Dennis Philapavage on Aug 14th 2018

Sky 30

In 20+ years of flying, these are hands down the best sunglasses I ever wore in the sky! Method Seven has "nailed it" all around - great product (form and function), along with an excellent customer service experience when I was finalizing my choice. It is rare that I write a review, but today I wanted to share with the company and any prospective buyers how extremely satisfied I am. If you find yourself hesitating on the purchase, don't. This is a great product!

Written by guest on Jun 26th 2018

The perfect work and play glasses

I spend hours weekly at the Flight Levels for a major airline. Eye fatigue and concern for my long term health made Method Seven the best choice. I also ski and float plane fly and pilot warbirds on my days off. This is truly a pair of glasses I can use in both worlds. Found them durable and light enough for extended wear and they work well with a variety of headsets and helmets. My eyes deserve the best and Method Seven is that.

The amount of light that reaches your eyes through your lenses is called Visible Light Transmission (VLT). When deciding which kind of lenses to purchase, a good place to start is with the VLT. The higher the percentage of VLT, the lighter the lens tint, and therefore, the more light the lens will let through to the eye. Alternatively, lenses with a lower VLT percentage will have a darker tint and will block more light from coming through to the eye.

  • 9% Lens

    9% (Darkest)

    Our darkest offerings, the SKY9 and FLT9, transmit 9% VLT of available light. Yet you can still render your flight deck--or your iPad--in sharp detail. Perfect for flying west, chasing the sun or in very exposed cockpits.

  • 15-18% Lens

    15-18% (Medium)

    The FLT15 and SKY18 Lens transmit 15% and 18% of available light, respectively. These medium-tint lenses are a great choice for general and mixed conditions.

  • 24-30% Lens

    24-30% (Lightest)

    For darker cockpits and pilots whose eyes require more light, the SKY30 and FLT 24 lenses allow for high levels of light transmission with unparalleled comfort and protection. Pilots who typically don’t wear or frequently take off their sunglasses during flight find that these lenses can stay on all day, in all conditions, even on the jetway.