Growing High Light Plants? Get the Best LED Grow Glasses

Growing High Light Plants? Get the Best LED Grow Glasses

If you’re planning on growing high-light plants in an indoor setting, then you are going to need an LED lighting system that kicks out some real power. Genera of plants like cannabis, peppers, and tomatoes all call for the use of high-powered lamps that offer much in the way of growth and photosynthesis, but also pose some problems for vision - which is why investing in the best LED grow glasses is a wise move.

When we say ‘high-powered’ lamps, what we’re talking about are the intense LED varieties that put out a lot of purple or blue/red light frequencies. The fact is that any type of deep, strong blue lights are known to result in eye irritation at the very least.

The Impracticalities of Growing Under Unnatural Light

The high-powered lights used to grow these plants creates problems for color perception. There are some very real practical issues relating to the spotting of mineral deficiencies and pest infestation.

Central to the task of obtaining a good crop is the need to be able to see through the often deeply purple hues of lights like these. It really does require the use of the best LED grow glasses on the market to see the various natural green tones that indicate a healthy plant.

How White Light Breaks Down

The white light that we see every day contains the basic primary colors of blue, green, and red, and when certain frequencies are taken out - as is the case with LED grow lights - it causes the light to change color to the pinks, oranges, and purples that you see in a typical grow room.

This high-energy visible (HEV) light can cause both temporary and long-term damage to the eyes and while regular sunglasses might make your eyes more comfortable, they won’t provide the same true-color benefits as the best LED grow glasses.

You Need Protection & Accurate Color Perception

Some brands of LED glasses you’ll come across will block roughly between 70 and 90 percent of LED light frequencies, but won’t alter color perception at all. So, when viewing white light through them, it will stay looking white and a purple light will still look purple - so no dice.

The grow glasses that offer notch-filtering technology - meaning those we offer at Method Seven - are versatile enough to be used with most types of LED grow light and it’s their ability to allow the wearer to see the real color of the plant makes ours the best LED grow glasses money can buy.

Spending Good Money? Then Spend it Where it Matters

The practice of indoor growing is becoming more and more popular with each passing year, so these are issues that many are set to consider now and in the near future.

Regardless of whether you’re putting together a large commercial setup or something much smaller, the principles remain the same - if your plants require an intense light spectrum, the wise money will be spent, not just on a good quality lamp, but also appropriate eye protection, as yours deserve the best LED grow glasses - you’ve only got one pair, right?

Sure, the difference between the best and the rest can equate to as much as $100, but if you’re spending lots of time bathed in this kind of intense light, it’s a small price to pay for equipment that will serve to both protect your vision AND allow you to enjoy sharp contrast and genuine color perception.

Not sure about exactly what type of LED glasses are right for your needs? A little research will be needed, but typically speaking, good yields for high light plants are best achieved with full-spectrum varieties, but it will depend on exactly what you’re growing.

Why not take a look at our selection of grow glasses once you know precisely which type of lights you’ll be using? Then and only then can you be sure that you’re getting the right equipment for the job at hand.