Method Seven Announces New Pilot Lens Offering

Method Seven Announces New Pilot Lens Offering

Method Seven announces new Pilot lens offering, the FLT lens, as complement to game changing aviation SKY lens series 

As a follow up to the successful SKY lens product line, Method Seven has released a new lens series: the FLT lens. Boasting a weight reduction of over 10 grams, the new FLT lens makes already light pilot sunglasses truly featherweight. 

“On average a pair of sunglasses weigh around 40 grams. Our Pilot frames paired with SKY lenses weigh just over 30 grams,” explains Method Seven Pilot Brand Manager Jamie Mitchell. “With our new FLT lenses, we are able to reduce product weight by at least 10 grams, making our glasses half the weight of the average pair of  pilot aviators. This is a significant difference especially important to improving comfort on longer flights.” 

In addition to decreasing product weight, Method Seven sought to offer new lenses with the durability of polymer construction, but without sacrificing the visual precision of mineral glass lenses. After several attempts, Method Seven Labs constructed the ultimate non-polarized solution for pilots seeking next-level performance in a durable, synthetic lens. 

“Most high-quality aviator glasses have a haze of between 0.2% to 0.7%,” notes Barry Shiller, Method Seven’s Chief Technology Officer. “At a maximum haze of less than 0.2%, the M7 FLT lens is the clearest synthetic lens available to pilots.” 

Of the company’s five frames available with the FLT lens, the Altitude returned an extraordinary result for horizontal prism: 0.05 diopters—one-tenth the ANSI specifications—setting a new bar for peripheral vision. “You don’t get any distortion when you look through the lens,” Shiller continued. 

As with Method Seven’s flagship SKY lenses, the FLT lens utilizes Method Seven notch filtering technology to minimize glare, while increasing contrast, improving clarity, and enhancing colors. All Method Seven lenses, including SKY and FLT products, provide protection against UVA, UVB, UVC, and infrared. The FLT lenses are also non-polarized, meaning pilots can seamlessly transition between looking both inside and outside of the aircraft with unparalleled clarity and comfort. 

Method Seven  pilot glasses paired with the new FLT lenses represent the pinnacle of aviation eyewear: proven notch filtering technology in a non-polarized, lightweight, and shatterproof synthetic lens. 

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