Monday Musing #3: The Beta Team

Monday Musing #3: The Beta Team

If you have been following my Musings, this point has likely been driven home: Method Seven is different. We are not following the tried and true selling strategies. We don’t have a product yet, here we are, already trying to capture your attention.

But we don’t have a product yet because we refuse to put something out there that is any less than the best. We will have the highest quality lenses and frames before anything hits the market because we believe in committing 100% of ourselves to everything we do. We won’t settle.

We aren’t there yet and we know it. So much so that CEO James Cox, bought a pair of sunglasses from a competing brand for our pro athlete, Avery Collins, to wear for his 100-kilometer race through the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

We believe in the process and we want you, our beloved community, to be part of it.

Enter the Beta Team. A team of four to six die-hard trail runners who will personally help me and the team at Method Seven Ultra Trail develop our first line Ultra Trail Eyewear. We have a prototype. It’s unreal. We need you to help us test and perfect it.

As part of the Beta Team, you will get a pair of running shoes, a Spring Energy Sample pack, BU Sunscreen, and an exclusive Method Seven Beta Team racing shirt. With this kit, you will be sent a pair of Ultra Trail prototypes with the newly developed TRAIL26 lens, made to perform on every trail, in every condition from heavy tree cover to exposed alpine ridges. As part of the Beta Team, you will put these prototypes to the test for four to six week, participate in intimate product development calls with me, James and the designers, and send them back with your honest feedback. The Beta Team will be a critical part of the development of the ultra trail eyewear.

We understand that to make the best ultra trail specialized eyewear on the market, we need to enlist ultra trail runners from around the country, in all different climates and diverse lifestyles. Do you think you would be an important addition to the Method Seven Beta Team? Sign up for either the M7 Trail Series, here or sign up for our email list, here before December 31st. You will be emailed an invitation to apply at the start of the new year.

BE A PART OF MY TEAM! I can’t wait to send out applications. This Beta Team is my baby. Something I have pushed to get approval for because, from my experience as a pro athlete, I know that being a part of product development is fun and special. My favorite part of my brand relationships is being involved in creating the best shoes, packs, apparel rain jackets, sport bras, trekking poles for trail running. The process has always taught me so much about the sport, and has changed how I think about the role a product can have in performance.

Be a part of that. Have little zoom chats with me and the designers, who are far smarter than me and can speak to why these lenses perform the way they do. Get KITTED OUT in cool and exclusive swag. We are building a team. We are building community. We are building Method Seven Ultra Trail.

Look out for the application in the first week of January!