Resin Repel Technology For Grow Room Glasses

Resin Repel Technology For Grow Room Glasses

If you're an indoor grower, you know the joy of sticky resin. But that joy can turn to frustration when it gets everywhere except on the buds. Fortunately, there's a new technology that can help: 

RESIN REPEL technology is a treatment that creates an invisible barrier that prevents resin from sticking, making it much easier to keep your performance eyewear clean. 

Here are the benefits of using resin repel technology for grow room glasses: 

- Resin won't stick and crust on to your glasses, so you can see clearly all harvest long. 

- Keeps your glasses clean and clear, so you can focus on your plants 

- Helps you avoid frustration and wasted time trying to clean off your glasses 

- The lenses stay newer looking longer which adds years to the longevity of your Method Seven premium glasses 

- Any Method Seven glasses with the title Premium in the name carry the Resin Repel coating. Examples: Citadel FX PremiumCoup HPS Premium , or Citadel HPS Premium

If you're looking for a way to keep your grow room glasses clean and clear, Resin Repel technology is the way to go! Try it for yourself on any glasses titled “Premium” and see the difference it makes. Your plants will thank you for it! 

A Brand New Advanced Tech Coating

Looking for a way to keep your Method Seven glasses from getting covered in resin? Look no further than our RESIN REPEL technology! 

RESIN REPEL is a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that not only repels water but also oils and other liquids. This means that your lenses will stay clean and clear, even when exposed to the harshest growing conditions. 

So how does it work? RESIN REPEL is applied to the lens surface as a very thin coating during the meticulous manufacturer process. This coating then bonds with the lens material on a molecular level, becoming an integral part of the lens. Once bonded, the RESIN REPEL molecules form a barrier that repels water, oils, and other liquids, including Resin created by plants. This coating was years in the making. Our team of chemists and engineers worked tirelessly to develop a coating that would provide the ultimate protection for your sticky lenses. The function of Resin Repel is to create a super high-gloss coating that permits Resin (from flowers) from sticking and crusting on the lenses. This is the part of the product you will never see, but it's what makes your lenses last so much longer without that cloudy, crusted-on look. You will see the clarity each time you wipe your lenses clean with the provided microfiber cloth. We highly recommend using only the provided microfiber cloth to avoid damaging the coating. 

The RESIN REPEL coating is so tough it can even withstand exposure to UV light and harsh chemicals. So whether you're working in a grow room or out in the field, you can rest assured that your lenses will stay clean and clear. 

The Struggle To Keep Lenses Clean And Clear 

Keeping your grow room lenses clean and clear over time can be a challenge. However, with the help of resin repellent technology, it's possible to keep the resin from sticking to the lenses. This can make it much easier to keep the view of the grow room clean and clear, and it can also help to reduce the amount of time that you need to spend cleaning the lenses. 

Resin repellant technology is a relatively new development, and it's already proving to be invaluable for growers. By using this technology, you can keep your lenses clean and clear for much longer periods. 

Here are three ways that the Resin Repel coating can help you maintain your lenses: 

- The coating prevents resin from sticking to the lenses in the first place 

- If resin does stick to the lenses, you can simply wipe it away with a microfiber cloth 

- The coating also makes it easy to remove dried resin from your lenses - just breathe on them and use the microfiber cloth. With its ability to prevent resin from sticking to the lenses, and to make it easy to remove dried resin, it's a valuable tool for maintaining your grow room. 

Anti-Fogging Properties

- The Resin Repel coating also has anti-fogging properties to deal with the hot humid climates of a proper grow room. 

- The anti-fogging properties work by creating a water repellent surface that prevents condensation from building up and fogging your grow glasses.

- It also protects the other coatings underneath which may include a flash silver coating (to deal w/ extra bright lights), infrared reduction (to stop IR heat from entering your eyes), and an anti-reflective coating (eliminates reflections that may bounce off the backside of the lenses and into your eyes).

These are all important considerations when it comes to choosing the right safety glasses for your needs and the Resin Repel coating is just one more way that these particular glasses stand out from the competition.

Overall, the Resin Repel coating is an excellent way to keep your grow glasses clean and protected in all types of climates.

Color Balance, Clarity, Protection And Enhanced Coatings

As an indoor grower, it's important to protect your eyes from the intense light that comes with the job. Not only can this damage your eyesight over time, but it can also be very uncomfortable. Wearing the right type of performance eyewear can help to reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes, and this can make a big difference in how comfortable you are while working.

There are a few different types of eyewear that you can choose from, and each has its benefits. Luckily, there are several great options available when it comes to eye protection. One of the best is Method Seven glasses, which offer color balance, clarity, and protection against UV and other harmful rays.

What sets Method Seven apart from other options on the market is the quality of the lenses. Cheap sunglasses can often have haze and focus distortion, which can lead to eye fatigue and headaches. With Method Seven glasses, you don't have to worry about that thanks to our high-performance lenses and coatings. We are a lens company at our core. We design and engineer our lenses in-house. This way, we can control every aspect of the lens-making process to ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

Our high-performance eyewear is designed for growers who need the highest level of protection possible. These glasses feature our exclusive Notch Filtering lens technology, which offers an optimal color balance while still allowing you to see clearly. They also have our Resin-Repel coating, which prevents resin and other materials from sticking to the lenses. In addition, our glasses come with an anti-reflective coating that eliminates reflections that may bounce off the backside of the lenses and into your eyes.

So if you're looking for a great option when it comes to eye protection, be sure to check out Method Seven glasses. Your eyes will thank you!

To easily identify which products by Method Seven carry the Resin Repel coating, look for the word PREMIUM in the product titles. Example: CITADEL FX PREMIUM or CITADEL HPS PREMIUM.