Catalyst Blurple LED Phone & Tablet Camera Filter

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Capture insanely clear and color balanced shots in your blurple or magenta spectrum LED grow room with an easy to use cell phone/ tablet lens filter. M7 tech + Carl Zeiss Vision lens = the perfect combo to show off your girls. $20 gift card included*

*Not for use under full spectrum LED lights.


Create professional-quality media with a phone camera filter for grow rooms! The Catalyst Phone & Tablet Camera Filter clips securely to your cell phone or tablet, balancing the color spectrum with a high-quality Carl Zeiss lens for insane optical clarity when used under purple, blurple, or magenta spectrum LED grow lights. The filter screw mount is a 37mm aluminum alloy ring and can be removed and adapted for security cameras. Made from aircraft-grade high-temperature injected polymer for durability. Ships with a $20 Gift Card towards any Method Seven pair of glasses with a $50 value or greater*. Crazy, right?! - True story. Designed for blurple (blue + purple) or magenta LED lights. Not for use under full spectrum LED lights. 

*Limit 1 $20 gift card use per customer, cannot be combined with any other sales, coupons, or discount promotions

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Product Reviews

Written by Vincent Hernandez on Nov 19th 2020

Real deal

This thing is amazing. Worth every penny

Written by Colton Bridge on Sep 18th 2020

Worth EVERY Penny!

No more holding up my grow glasses in front of the camera for photo/video!

Written by K2 on Jul 13th 2020

Wonderful Add-On to my Order!

I used the 4th of July web coupon to essentially get this for $10! What a deal and it works great. fits my Pixel3 no problems!

Written by Bill Head on May 11th 2020


Definitely a must have for anyone who likes taking pics of thier plants, but hates having to turn the lights off or shooting in the dark. The purple glare while great for your plants is terrible for those shots your craving. Just like the first time I saw my plants through the led sunglasses I was astounded when I hooked the catalyst onto my phone and got clean pics of my plants. Thanks Method 7 great product.

Written by Papa Indica on May 11th 2020


Works on your phone's camera lens just like the glasses do on your eyes, the blurple is completely gone. Side by side pics are pretty crazy. The only drawback I can see is that it takes a little too much of the color spectrum away, it leaves my bud pics looking slightly flat. However, I'm very glad I purchased the Catalyst and I will be using it for bud shots under my LED lighting for as long as I'm growing with LED's. MUCH easier than trying to hold my glasses in front of the lens for a picture!

Written by Luis Cotto on Apr 30th 2020

Catalyst Cellphone & Tablet Camera Filter

this product is amazing to say the least.... I've always wonder how it would actually look in person and this product works perfect