Cultivator LED+

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The Cultivator LED+ provides great value and exceptional color balancing for MAGENTA / BLURPLE spectrum LED lighting with 100% UV protection and Flash Silver exterior lens coating. Meets or exceeds CSAZ94 & ANSI Z87+S Standards.

*NOT FOR USE with full / white spectrum LED lights.


Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Lens Technology

Premium polymer lenses with 100% UV protection and a flash silver exterior lens coating, manufactured to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss. Unlike cheap sunglasses, these lenses are decentered (asymmetrical) to eliminate distortion that would otherwise occur with a curved lens. Experience balanced color under MAGENTA/ BLURPLE spectrum LED lights. *Not for use with white / full spectrum LED lights.

Frame Technology

The Cultivator frame is made with an impact resistant high level polycarbonate, for a flexible and lightweight fit. This half-jacket frame includes no-slip rubber nose pads that hold the frame comfortably for hours, even in hot conditions. Certified by independent labs to meet or exceed International ANSI MSZ87+S and Canadian CSA Z94.3 specifications. This includes high velocity impact resistance. It's great for outdoor trail running and mountain biking too!

Frame Dimensions

Cultivator Frame Dimensions

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Product Reviews

Written by Colton Bridge on Sep 18th 2020

Awesome Grow Glasses

These are great glasses to have around the grow room to help filter that purple light! They are super clear, great colour and fit the face well. I have other, cheaper, glasses with bigger lenses but they let a little light through the sides and a lot through the bottom. The way these lenses are shaped really eliminates the side and bottom leaks so you get a better view under the lights. I will recommend M7 to anyone looking for new grow glasses.

Written by K2 on Jul 13th 2020

As Always A+++

Method Seven always comes through! Great Quality, Light and easy to use. Use these daily with my Violet Gro lights. It does give a slightly green tinge to everything but it's better than purple.

Written by Brad M Harper on Jun 16th 2020

Amazing glasses!!

I couldn't be happier!! I have used dark glasses for led and expected the same. NOT AT ALL!!! WOW!! Blown away! Blew away my expectations and about 10 of my friends I've shown them too. I've owned Oakley's that aren't this nice!! No eye strain and I can see never perfectly!!!

Written by Kristopher Barros on May 16th 2020

Green L.E.D. glasses

You can't really go wrong with anything Carl Zeiss, which was a comforting factor before my purchase. I've used them every day for about two weeks now. The color correction is fantastic and I have no complaints. There everything there said to be.

Written by Sam on Aug 25th 2018

Cultivator LED+

Brilliant specs . I should've got the clip-ons for doing close work , nonetheless my eyes a so grateful that I wear them . Don't get me started on the after sales service either ; I always back a company that backs its product 100% . Good on all of you there at Method 7 !

Written by guest on Aug 6th 2017

Headache? Gone!!!

Ok, for sure M7 glasses are well made. Ok for sure they allow to have a clear sight in HPS or LED environment, this is the most obvious and amazing benefit. But overall what has been a real relief in my case is that I can spend hours in my grow room without ending with a bad headache because of the thousand watts of LED light stabbing my eyes. So now I don't have to rush my gardening anymore which allows me to be more effective. And for having tried some other noname green glasses I can assure you that M7 gear is another level!

Written by guest on Jul 7th 2017

Love Method Seven

I recently started using Method Seven glasses to protect my eyes from my LED grow Light. First of all Let me say they have Carl Zeiss Lenses . For those of you who don't know Carl Zeiss is a German manufacturer of optical systems and medical devices . I consider his lenses to be some of the best around. That is just a testament to the care and knowledge that went into making Method Seven Lenses. I use them everyday in my grow. without them I would be growing Blind. Thank You Method Seven

Written by guest on Feb 1st 2017

Awesome but..

I wish it could fit properly over my glasses....thats pretty much it..if not, high quality glasses..worth it

Written by guest on Mar 2nd 2016

Great product

I tested these glasses for a few months. I got them at Cannafest 2015 in Prague, where I tested them with my LEDs. With these great glasses, I'm able to work in my garden for hours and my eyes are not tired. Also when I take them off/look away to natural light, it looks normal (not green like before). It is a high quality product and I'm surprised how durable they are. No scratches and hinges are solid after 3 months of daily use. Thank you. Translation from: Pouzivam tyto bryle denne jiz dele nez tri mesice. Tezko by se nasla lepsi ochrana oci pri dlouhodobe praci pod LED osvetlenim. Samozrejme nejsou urceny pro primy pohled do svetla, ale jejich hlavnim kladem je naprosto miziva unava oci a zaroven zabranuji efektu, kdy se pri odhlednuti od osvetleneho prostoru zda vse zelene. Po jejich sundani je vse normalni za denniho osvetleni. Jsou velice kvalitne vyrobeny a za celou dobu pouzivani se neposkrabaly a pant zustal pevny, cimz se mohou pochlubit jen bryle za mnohem vyssi cenu.

Written by guest on Feb 13th 2016


Holy cow can I say I put these on, forgot they were on, and I thought my kessil h380 was broken because my grow tent looked like it was under t5s. I was freaking out then I was like ohh wow these things are amazing. Def would buy them. Great price, good quality, look good on your face and no headaches.