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Grow rooms have lots of light, but it's not broad spectrum. Though this might be great for plants, it's not so great for your eyes. Human eyes contain rods and cones, which need broad spectrum light in order to focus, recognize shapes, register movement, and see color. In a grow room environment, sunglasses make things worse by darkening all the light, so you squint less, but you still can’t see color, and it’s even more difficult to focus. Other grow light glasses attempt to color balance the extreme light spectrum but use cheap plastic lenses with very poor clarity that distort light and are hazy or blurry.

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As your run and the terrain changes from easy, flat, open trail and roads to technical climbs and descents, the primary focus for the eyes and brain changes and each of the different zones within your visual field has more to offer. These changes happen naturally with your peripheral vision and subconscious, with muscle memory also playing a huge role.

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