The Innovation Project

Our mission is to protect your eyes and enhance your experience. To succeed we need YOU; the trail runners, the adventurers, the people who breathe life into this sport, to be on our team.

The Innovation Project is about understanding Trail Runners, their run environment, duration & frequency, and using this information to continually improve the trail running experience. By joining, you will receive personalized training tips developed by Pro runners Cat Bradley and Dean Karnazes specific to your training and skill level, motivational messages, and congratulations based on recently accomplished milestones. You might even be invited to make a larger contribution to future research and wear tester teams!

By understanding you, our community, and fellow trail runners, we will be able to understand the scope of your eyewear needs. With your help, Method Seven Ultra Trail will know what it will take to create the perfect performance eyewear.

Have a smartwatch? Sign up for the Innovation Project, and learn about the Beta Team, who is already putting our prototype lenses to the test.

Technical difficulties? Our partners at PWR Lab are here to help. They’ve got the data science, we have the vision.