Experience Optics

Please don’t call them sunglasses

Sunglasses are about fashion, not function. You might squint less, but you don’t see better. Your eyes and brain must work harder to see and make decisions.

We fixed that.

Method Seven believes in purposeful performance eyewear, designed to create a harmonious equilibrium between what’s outside your eyes and inside your brain. It’s eyewear that carefully amplifies the visual stimuli your eyes need for your brain to be at its best while subtly diminishing the visual stimuli that are not helpful and often dangerous.

Notch Filters

We got our start in 2010 inventing the first optics for indoor grow rooms which have extremely harsh industrial lighting.

Notch Filters

We then took that science to fighter jet pilots introducing “noise canceling technology for your eyes,”using rare earth elements and nuanced filtering to separate signal from noise.

Notch Filters

Then we worked with top ultra athletes who run 240 mile races, the ultimate test of endurance, and designed a new high-contrast lens technology that works dawn to dusk, rendering trails in sharp detail allowing for faster, better decisions for unmistakable foot placement.


We are a group of engineers, scientists, pilots, endurance athletes, and growers.


We make the most unique and specialized lenses for crazy small niches because we’ve learned: one size doesn’t fit all. If you want to be your best, you need the right lens for the precise conditions you encounter.


We love designing specialized optics for challenging situations.

You don’t need to be a pilot, grower, or trail runner to appreciate great vision. We’ve revolutionized polarizing too and made a lens for the rest of us: the Sun_P, a partially polarized lens in what we have found to be the sweet spot of glare reduction (30% polarized) for a better life experience. It’s what we wear when we are driving, skating, or just hanging out.

How do we do it?

With a mix of science and magic.

Notch Filtering

The process is called notch filtering and uses rare earth elements bonded in crystal with advanced coatings and polymers that block the light you don’t need and enhance the light you do.


We study a specific lighting environment and then precisely filter to balance color and cut glare and infrared heat so you have the best vision possible.


That precision means our lenses are brighter than others, giving you more visual information comfortably and safely.

Lens Design

We design our lenses for your passion and then wrap them in Japanese hand-tool titanium frames or Italian thermo-injected artisan tr90 (a popular frame material, also known as plastic titanium).


What’s up with Method Seven Polarized lenses?

Polarizing sunglasses are amazing, but if you’re not fishing or sailing, you don’t need them. They kill contrast and flatten your worldview. You see less glare, but you also see less detail. Not cool (or useful).

We fixed that by backing down the polarization to 30 percent, what we believe to be the sweet spot. This means you get the benefits of glare reduction without the flattened worldview. Coupling this with our notch filtering technology, our sunglasses provide a unique and powerful visual experience, unlike any pair you’ve tried before.


Eyewear designed specifically for grow rooms. With advanced light filtering and superior color correction.

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Non-polarized pilot sunglasses for unparalleled comfort, performance, and protection in the cockpit.

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More light - but just the good light, for an unmistakable trail-running experience from dawn to dusk.

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Glare blocking. Contrast enhancing. This is polarized, revolutionized.

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