Resistance 2 HPS Crystal Classic Grow Glasses

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The world's first HPS lens ever developed! Mineral glass lenses, optimized color balancing, unmatched clarity, UV and infrared protection. Truly the best visual experience under HPS lights.

Lens Technology

The lens that started it all. A molecular blend of molten glass and earth minerals developed over a decade ago with a team of engineers and scientists. This allstar team played with the chemical processes to develop Seven Methods, which allow mineral glass to render the harsh yellow HPS spectrum to normal daylight conditions. Tears of joy rang through the lab as the colors balanced perfectly. With that, grow room glasses were born, even including photo filters to share with the growing community across the globe. Yup, that's right, we are the inventors and the innovators of grow room glasses and grow light balancing technology. 

Frame Technology

Resistance 2 is the evolution of our classic frame, voted High Times Magazine product of the year for three years running. Molded in Italy with lightweight TR-90 thermoplastic, this custom frame is outfitted with texturized rubber accents for no-slip grip and flex hinges bullet-proof durability. Featuring big, bold temple pieces on a stylish Base 8 wrap, the Resistance 2 has you covered with modern styling and full protection from light at all angles.

Frame Dimensions

Resistance Frame Dimensions

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