Ascent Aviator SKY Sunglasses

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The Ascent is a titanium alloy frame with updated aviator styling and some of the most advanced construction available. The world leader in visual performance, SKY mineral glass lenses define the pinnacle of contrast and clarity.

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Vision Above All

Precision optics designed specifically for aviators. Our top-of-the-line lenses feature notch filtering technology for contrast, clarity, and performance that is second to none. Each lens option utilizes special thin-film coating technologies to dial in specific amounts of visible light (VLT) suited to pilot preferences and light levels for typical routes.

Lens Technology

SKY lenses are Method Seven’s original top-of-the-line pilot lenses, crafted from German glass. SKY technology combines eleven elements, including rare-earth neodymium, molecularly bonded within a crystalline lens. Thirteen proprietary coatings block harmful UV and infrared heat while providing unmatched color and clarity. If you’re looking for the absolute best in performance, nothing beats glass.

Frame Technology

Ascent's titanium alloy frame is a blend of updated aviator styling and some of the most advanced frame construction available. Light, strong and flexible titanium alloy temple pieces taper off to less than 1.0 mm thick, seamlessly conforming to your head and headset for any duration flight. Designed specifically for headsets, and tested for fit with flight helmets. Rubberized nose pads add comfort on long days in the seat.

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Product Reviews

Written by Steve C M Lane on Aug 18th 2020

I will never fly with anything else.

I have been flying commercially for 30 years using brown lenses that are supposed to cut blue light. I was sceptical when I saw the blue lenses as I thought they would actually add blue light and give headaches. I couldn't have been more wrong. These glasses are amazing. I will never fly with anything else. I have improved vision of instruments, Glare is cut and low light conditions are fantastic with improved cloud and horizon definition. Incredible. I have flown in many different countries VFR in many different conditions. Thank you!!! I'm also using them for driving and ordering another pair. Thank you to your team for creating these. Kindest regards, Steve

Written by Jason McDuffee on Jul 10th 2020

Good glasses

Very good Sunglasses but overpriced. I don't like that they don't have a discount like most expensive glasses if they are lost or destroyed. I had to pay full price for a new set after mine was lost. Method Seven: Hi Jason - thank you for sticking with us, please do checkout our awesome warranty policy which does include 50% coverage for accidental damage. We're not familiar with any policies that cover lost products, but we'd love to hear where we can look to learn more about this.

Written by Kevin on Apr 21st 2020

Aviator Sky 18

Only had for a week but quality looks very good, comfortable to wear. Does the job for reducing sun light but the main reason I bought them was most sunglasses make it had to read your glass panels or entertainment center in the auto's. These seem to enhance the colors on the panels instead of washing them out. Great glasses so far. Will buy 9's next time for a little more sun reduction.

Written by "Face Punch" on Dec 16th 2019

Method 7 on the Boat

Visual acuity is as good or better than any sunglasses I’ve ever worn. They’re super comfortable under a headset or a helmet, barely noticeable on long flights. What I was most impressed with is the anti-glare coating on them. Without being polarized, they’re nearly as good as polarized sunglasses I’ve worn at cutting glare off the water, and in my line of work that’s crucial. Typically, we have to choose between cutting the glare or being able to quickly and accurately read our instruments, but not with these babies.

Written by Abby on Dec 16th 2019

Ascent Aviator SKY Sunglasses

The style and quality of these glasses are unrivaled! They're well worth the money. The only thing I would change about them is the nose piece. The little pieces get stuck in my hair when I put them on top of my head. If that could be fixed, then they're be absolutely perfect. My friend and I have tested them while flying, at the beach, in the mountains and for everyday use. The only time I'm not the biggest fan is on trail runs/hikes because it's not bright enough to want them on my face until I'm out of the woods, but I have to hold them so they don't get stuck in my hair. Still, I always take them with me and pick them over any other brand I've owned (Oakley, RayBan, Costa).

Written by Andres Meneses on Sep 12th 2019

Aviator Sky9 Sunglasses

Tried them for the first time yesterday flying the 737 and they are stunningly cool, nice, slim for headset (I use QC25 with uFlyMike) and want to do more daylight flights. The only thing I found is that when I rest my frame on a leveled surface they have a slight unlevelness, which I tried to fixed and seems that they are better now. They included a personalized card for me and two M7 stickers, and I love stickers! I think that for airliner pilots the 9s are good

Written by Roxie on Jul 16th 2019

M7 SkyAscent 18% aviator

I absolutely love these! I have sensitive eyes and was used to wearing fairly dark sunglasses which posed a problem when trying to view the instruments inside the plane after scanning outside. It would take a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I recently purchased a pair of the 18% (mid-range) SkyAscent and these were one of the best purchases I have ever made!! My eyes no longer need time to adjust and they really cut the glare so well, even when landing when the sun is about to set. I also have to commend M7 on their fantastic customer service - completely top notch!!

Written by Micah on Jun 24th 2019

Great for Flying

I have been using the Ascent 18’s for the past month and love them. They are dark enough to cut through the glare, but not so dark as to make it difficult to read ForeFlight on my iPad. I’m very light sensitive, and these Method Seven sunglasses do a great job of keeping me from squinting all of the time. I don’t use an over-the-ear style aviation headset, but the temple pieces are pretty narrow and should allow for a good seal.

Written by MCDUFFEE, JASON on May 2nd 2019

Great Glasses

I use these while flying business jets. I love how they offer eye protection while not so dark that I cant read my ipad and checklist inside the plane.

Written by Mike on Apr 25th 2019

Best Aviator Eyewear

Best Aviator Eyewear out there by far!! Outstanding customer service to stand behind the great quality product!

Written by Marie bodman on Apr 19th 2019

Aftersale service

Delighted to say that I had the best experience with Lauren who guided me through the process of replacing and shipping a pair of sun glasses To France / where I reside / her efficient and prompt reply was top/ plus I can now enjoy a great pair of sun glasses that put a smile on my face every time I wear them

Written by Randy Johnson on Apr 18th 2019

Ascent Sky

Loved these since first time that I tried them on at AOPA fly-in! I kicked around the idea of which one to get (9% or 18%). I decided on the 9% and glad I did. They seem to make everything brighter and clearer without straining my eyes. Wish I would have bought them at the fly-in instead of waiting! Best eyewear I’ve ever purchased. I suggest buying them to everyone!

The amount of light that reaches your eyes through your lenses is called Visible Light Transmission (VLT). When deciding which kind of lenses to purchase, a good place to start is with the VLT. The higher the percentage of VLT, the lighter the lens tint, and therefore, the more light the lens will let through to the eye. Alternatively, lenses with a lower VLT percentage will have a darker tint and will block more light from coming through to the eye.

  • 9% Lens

    9% (Darkest)

    Our darkest offerings, the SKY9 and FLT9, transmit 9% VLT of available light. Yet you can still render your flight deck--or your iPad--in sharp detail. Perfect for flying west, chasing the sun or in very exposed cockpits.

  • 15-18% Lens

    15-18% (Medium)

    The FLT15 and SKY18 Lens transmit 15% and 18% of available light, respectively. These medium-tint lenses are a great choice for general and mixed conditions.

  • 24-30% Lens

    24-30% (Lightest)

    For darker cockpits and pilots whose eyes require more light, the SKY30 and FLT 24 lenses allow for high levels of light transmission with unparalleled comfort and protection. Pilots who typically don’t wear or frequently take off their sunglasses during flight find that these lenses can stay on all day, in all conditions, even on the jetway.