Ascent Aviator Prescription Sunglasses Rx

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Meet the Method Seven Rx lens. An advanced polymer lens featuring notch filtering, enhanced contrast, and impossible clarity. Full UV and infrared heat protection in a lightweight and shatterproof neutral gray lens.

Rx Option Required

Precision optics designed specifically for aviators. Our top-of-the-line lenses feature notch filtering technology for contrast, clarity, and performance that is second to none. Each lens option utilizes special thin-film coating technologies to dial in specific amounts of visible light (VLT) suited to pilot preferences and light levels for typical routes.

Ascent's titanium alloy frame is a blend of updated aviator styling and some of the most advanced frame construction available. Light, strong and flexible titanium alloy temple pieces taper off to less than 1.0 mm thick, seamlessly conforming to your head and headset for any duration flight. Designed specifically for headsets, and tested for fit with oxygen masks. Rubberized nose pads add comfort on long days in the seat.

Constructed from a durable polymer with dual high-quality coatings, Rx lenses feature advanced notch filtering technology custom crafted to meet your Bifocal, Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions. Rx lenses have a VLT of 24%, which is ideal for prescription eyewear and eyes that require high levels of visual light, yet still offer full protection from UV and infrared. Enhanced contrast, impossible clarity, and world-class performance in a lightweight, shatterproof lens.

Please note that custom optics require advanced lead time. Your Rx performance lenses will be ready 3-5 weeks from the time your measurements are received. 

International orders may incur additional shipping fees.

Product Reviews

Written by Dave Shallbetter on May 28th 2019

Ascent Rx Aviation Sunglasses

I've been waiting to review my Rx Ascent Aviators until I had time to give an honest informed opinion. The day I received them I took them by my eye doctor for his opinion. He was impressed with he quality of the frames & lenses Having just returned from a 6 day trip, I can swear beyond a doubt: I LOVE ASCENT AVIATORS!!! For years, I've favored smaller frame & lenses for my Rx glasses. My Aviators have changed that! Just drove about 1800 miles & did not once get the "tired eyes" feeling I usually experience after a day behind the wheel. I am also impressed by how light they are & feel when wearing. If you're considering buying a pair, DON'T WAIT!!!

Written by Robert Wells on May 7th 2019

Ascent aviator

I really enjoy wearing these sunglasses the quality is second to none that I've had on. With other glasses when I look towards the sun or at a very reflective surface I used to kind of squint and it was rather uncomfortable, however that simply isn't the case with these. The contrast when I'm flying is great it makes it much easier to identify an airport in challenging lighting conditions which translates into me being a safer pilot. Well done Method Seven!

Written by Jon on Apr 16th 2019

They really shine in challenging light conditions

I've been using the Ascent Aviators with the SKY 24 Single Vision Rx lens for the past several weeks. They're my best pair of sunglasses. They really shine in challenging light conditions, especially flat, overcast days where I need extra contrast to pick my way through monotonous terrain, where they highlight small texture cues that make navigation safer and easier. They're made for flying, but have also proven to be an incredible asset in motor and snow sports. The non-polarized lens is a big advantage with screens and behind windshields and faceshields. And I don't find myself missing polarization, which I considered a modern necessity not very long ago. The SKY 24 lens is also a great neutral tint that doesn't tire my eyes out. The peripheral clarity is very good. The titanium frames are springy and light. I hardly notice them. I often wear them purposefully for 3-5 hours and then keep wearing them around town. They're truly versatile. And the thin arms fit under headphones and helmets without breaking the seal or causing any pinching. The glasses themselves are attractive. That may be the most important part, because we all know that the best sun protection is the kind that you'll wear consistently. I've read the whitepaper on how these specific glasses manage light transmission, and I trust them to protect my eyes, but I'm pleased that they look good doing it too. I own about 12 pairs of similarly priced sport-specific sunglasses. I approached the Ascent Aviators expecting a lot in terms of optical and aesthetic quality. They've not only delivered here in spades; they've surprised me with their versatility

Written by Helen van Dam on Apr 16th 2019

Amazing quality

I've been using the aviator prescription sunglasses now for a while in the B737 cockpit and I love them. They are lightweight and go well with the headset, next to that the quality of the glass is superb so it blocks the sun but you'll be still able to see the instruments clearly. One word; amazing!!!

Written by Sasha Marvin on Feb 10th 2019

Amazed by the quality and the natural feel of the lenses.

I am a Citation FO pilot but also an aerobatics glider pilot, world champion, 1st at the US nationals, and am taking my training very seriously, so everything has to be properly set. Especially the eyewear. I was always using the Ascent 18 shades for my glider flights, but recently I started my executive pilot career on a Citation, so need to read the iPad closely for the FP, routes, departures, arrivals and the aprroaches. Did my training at FlightSafety in Orlando in November and, guys, I realized the need of a prescription eyewear. So went to Lenscrafters to have it very fast and got the best lenses option. It costed me way more than the Ascent Aviator prescription, and after 3 months I am still having a hard time to use them. It is OK but am not happy. I checked the lenses and the measures and all is good, it is just that the focus radius area is very small. Have to aim the target with the head to read. And transition doesn’t work great at 40000 feet in the cockpit. Sun was hurting. So, because of my past experience with M7 shades, which works great to protect my eyes at altitude, I ordered the Ascent Prescription and when I got them and wear for the first time I got AMAZED because the feel was so natural and everything around was on focus. I couldn’t believe it. No need to turn the head, just move the eyes around. Another example, on an intersection stop (with the car) I can see clearly what’s going on on the left (no way with the Lenscrafters prescription ones). So I wear the Ascent Prescription every time I can, and am seriously thinking to get a normal (for the dark) pair too. The Captain tried the glasses once, got so positively impressed, and just ordered them too. I don’t know what other words to use to enphasize the quality and how happy I am of the M7 eyewear.

Written by Karen K on Jan 22nd 2019

Ascent Aviator Prescription Sunglasses Progressives

I love these glasses for the style, lightweight, and superb lenses. I am noticeably less fatigued and long journeys. The clarity is great, even in smoky conditions.

Written by Stan W. on Oct 8th 2018

Ascent Aviator Prescription Sunglasses FAV223

Very nice glasses! Took a little time to get them but the wait was worth it. Comfortable, lite, great lenses and I hardly know I am wearing them. Extremely good peripherals, nothing blocks my vision. Headset in aircraft fits over them with out an issue. Will get another pair when I need them!