See Success With HPS Rx Prescription Grow Glasses

See Success With HPS Rx Prescription Grow Glasses

Anyone growing indoors under HPS lights needs specialized eyewear in order to protect their eye health. Simple enough, you might think, but what about people who already wear eyeglasses every day? Rx prescription grow glasses, tick all the right boxes.

In this post, we’ll explain what this particular line of eyewear offers, as well as show you the simple process for obtaining a pair to your exact specifications. Before we do that, however, we’ll give you a little background on HPS lights and why protection is required.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lights Explained

Also known as arc lights or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, HPS lamps feature an aluminum oxide tube with a range of different chemical elements existing inside a high-pressure environment (hence the name). Examples of HPS lamps being used in our everyday lives can be seen in both security and street lighting that give off that unmistakable yellowish orange hue.

The need for protection when working with these lights indoors is imperative. This is due to their intensity, as they give out powerful rays with a rich yellow and red spectral quality. For plants such as cannabis, these types of lights help stimulate both flowering and growth. The radiated heat they produce is also helpful for plants that require high temperatures for optimum results.

What HPS Rx Prescription Grow Glasses Offer

If you wear prescription eyeglasses and are currently tackling the issue of how to see clearly in the grow room, HPS Rx prescription glasses represent the ideal choice. Why? Because they can be made to your exact prescription, meaning that you get to enjoy all the necessary eye health safeguards, as well as the ability to discern color and contrast perfectly.

With a pair of HPS Rx prescription grow glasses, you’ll also be able to spot all those nasty bugs and diseases that can have such an impact on the plants you’re trying to cultivate. Of course, there are other options like clip-on lenses and overglasses that can be used in this kind of scenario, but a pair of grow glasses tailor made for you is going to offer a lot more in terms of protection, comfort, and clarity of vision, as well as color perception.

Obtaining a Pair From Method Seven

Getting your hands on your own pair of HPS rx prescription grow glasses is easier than you might think. At Method Seven, our process is pretty simple. All you need to do is find the prescription product you want to order from our website and add it to your cart. Then it’s the simple matter of completing the order at the checkout and waiting 1-2 business days.

From there, you’ll get an email from us that contains both your Rx form and instructions detailing how to get it filled out properly by an optometrist. All you need to do is send back the completed form along with an up-to-date copy of your spectacles prescription so that we can get it processed.

The whole process takes around 3-5 weeks, and you’ll get a tracking number for you to keep an eye on how things are progressing. Upon receipt of your glasses, you have 30 days to make sure they’re perfect, with the option to return or exchange them if not.

Order Your Rx Prescription Grow Glasses Today

Believe it or not, grow glasses double rather nicely as outdoor sunglasses too, providing all the standard UV protection you need when out in the sun. That’s right, you’ll get a high quality, multi-purpose product that offers exceptional value.

So, if you want to avoid having to turn your HPS grow lights off every time you attend to your plants or having to wear uncomfortable over-glasses that mist up as you work, why not consider investing in a pair of grow glasses that give you everything your spectacles do and more?

It could be the nicest thing you do for your plants and your eyes all year!