Method Seven: Proud Sponsor of the Reno Air Races

Method Seven: Proud Sponsor of the Reno Air Races

Optics manufacturer Method Seven is partnering with the Reno Air Races Association (RARA) as an official sponsor of the event. “The Reno Air Races is the ultimate in aviation performance—the racing, the skill, the danger—and it seemed like the best fit for our product,” says James Cox, Method Seven CEO.

Kevin Eldredge, who will compete in the Sport Class at this year’s event, facilitated the partnership. “The product is fantastic, but the quality and focus on technology is very consistent with the innovation specifically in the Sport Class,” says Eldredge. His race plane, Relentless, is one of the fastest Sport racing airplanes, has the potential of setting new record in the sport this year. “The flying is pretty intense but really its much more about competing in an aircraft you built yourself.”

During the 2009 air races, Eldredge came face to face with his own mortality when Relentless NXT suffered a sudden engine explosion. Since then, he has raced with a much less powerful engine, which has not allowed him to be competitive, he says. For this year’s races, Eldredge has restored Relentless NXT to its original race configuration, with a Twin Turbo’d Efii-580 Lycoming engine. He estimates that the Sport Class may see four or five aircraft clock over 400mph. “It is my intention to be leading this group on Sunday!”

Method Seven supports his vision as a sponsor of Team Relentless, with protective eyewear specifically designed for aviation. The leading brand of UV and infrared heat blocking sunglasses offers three levels of visible light transmission (VLT) suited to pilot preference and flight path. Eldredge prefers Method Seven Ascent SKY30 lenses, the lightest VLT. “They provide great protection for both flying and driving and they really sort of disappear on my face,” he says.

Ever since stumbling upon Method Seven at Osh Kosh three years ago, Eldredge has been an informal advocate for the brand. This year, he will fly with Method Seven logos on the newly outfitted Relentless NXT, with his sight set clearly on a winning! Cox says he is thrilled that the company is now an official sponsor. “Method Seven has always been about helping people achieve their best.”