Monday Musing #10: Valentine's Day Song

Monday Musing #10: Valentine's Day Song

Happy Monday! And happy Valentine's Day. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day enthusiastically or hate it for the corporate consumerism it promotes, I think any day to acknowledge the power of love is beautiful. So celebrate how you will and enjoy love.

But I bet you won't be celebrating Valentine’s Day like I will be: frothing over the 109 Beta Team applications received over the last two weeks. I have said it before and I will say it again, the response to this application has been insurmountable. And you know what? That proves that my frustrations with trail running sunglasses are shared within the community.

The team I have selected, they get it too. They know they deserve something better when it comes to performance optics. And they can speak to it. Some of them can speak to what they want in eyewear better than I can. I can’t wait to introduce you.

But for now, I wanted to thank everyone for applying. I read the applications many, many times over. Everyone who applied did so intentionally and with thoughtful answers. Again, this shows the need for better optics in the industry. And that maybe, that we are creating a cool community. Honestly, that is the point behind these optics.

So thank you, and I am sorry if you applied and were not invited to be on the Beta Team. ALL the applications were truly compelling. And any of you would have been a worthy candidate.

Look for our announcement next week, along with short profiles of our Beta Team members on our social media platforms. We are, as a team, committed to developing something special to help your experience out on the trails. Vision facilitates experience.

If you didn’t get selected and still want to contribute, please sign up for our mailing list and opt-in to share your data with PWR Lab in collaboration with Method Seven. You can expect individualized emails detailing what YOUR data tells us, how we are using it, what we learned from it, and what you, as an athlete and human being, can learn and adapt from this cool, innovative data.