Bright White Light

  • Reduce extreme CMH intensity
  • Full UV and infrared heat protection
  • Prevents eye strain, headaches & dizziness
  • Work all day in total comfort

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) and Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) lamps, ranging from 3,000°K - 4,200°K, emit bright white full spectrum light. One of the main selling points for CMH and LEC lights is UVB output, which stresses the plant and leads to the production of excess THC. However, this type of UVB light is no different from what you would find in a tanning bed, and can cause serious eye damage. Don’t take chances on your eyes! Regular sunglasses shift the color balance away from natural light, and are often simply too dark for the grow environment. Method Seven CMH / LEC grow glasses block harmful UV and infrared while allowing plenty of safe light into your eyes, so that they can work more naturally and with less strain. So get those tomatoes, leafy greens, and weed growing!