The Duchess FX Rx Prescription Grow Glasses

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Prescription glasses for full spectrum grow rooms, including LED, CMH, and LEC. The first and only full spectrum grow room prescription lenses!

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Lens Technology

Are you over seeing spots? So are we. Designed in conjunction with Carl Zeiss Laboratories, the FX Rx lens is the world's first and only prescription solution for full spectrum grow lights. It might look like a sunny day in the grow room, but LED technology emits powerful band radiation and several models emit UV. CMH / LEC lamps emit UV as well;. that's why high quality grow room glasses are an essential tool in the grow room, offering comfort and safety under bright white CMH/ LEC lamps or full spectrum LEDs, including the latest technologies with denser red diodes. Crafted from a durable polymer, the FX RX lenses achieve the perfect light/dark balance—minus the spots—so you don't have to take your glasses off to see deep into your canopy. Can regular sunglasses do that? Nope. If you're still reading this, it's time to pull the trigger.

These grow room prescription glasses are custom crafted for Bifocal “Readers,” Single Vision, or Progressive prescriptions. Optimized color balancing under bright grow room lights makes it easier to spot issues like pests and nutrient deficiencies. Experience balanced color and full UV protection in a lightweight, shatterproof lens customized with the clarity of your own prescription. No more dry contact lenses or dorky clip-ons, say hello to a more comfortable and safer growing experience.

​​FX RX Coatings include a bonus 1-year warranty against scratches. Wow. Plus the same Method Seven lifetime warranty against defects.

Frame Technology

In collaboration with the Dank Duchess, we present a retro aviator with a few technological adjustments making is suitable for grow room work or everyday living. This lightweight & narrow Italian crafted unisex frame offers full wrap coverage and large lenses which block out light from all sides while providing a beautiful large window to the world around you. The Duchess frame is built with the vision to live fully within one's spirit.

  • Large lenses
  • Narrow fit
  • Lightweight (28 grams)
  • Wrap around coverage

Frame Dimensions