Coup HPSx Transition

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Enjoy your grow in style with these fashion-forward wayfarers sporting concealed flex-hinges! Sunglass by day, grow glass by night. HPSx lenses transition from signature blue HPS color-balancing technology to dark grey/blue in direct sunlight.


Don't Grow Blind

Method Seven designs high-quality glasses and photo filters for indoor and outdoor growing environments. Our grow room glasses provide true color in bright lighting and are optimized for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums.

Lens Technology

Experience balanced color, comfort, and protection, wherever the day takes you. The HPSx lens is a proprietary polymer blend that transitions from signature blue HPS color-balancing technology to dark grey/blue when exposed to direct sunlight. The lenses darken fully within three minutes of exposure to direct sunlight. Transition varies based on conditions and UV levels. The HPSx lens was developed by Method Seven and is made in the USA. It offers full UV protection and crisp contrast. The ultimate tool for your indoor grow and your outdoor life.

Frame Technology

Fashion-forward, chic, and Italian-made, the Coup saunters from the grow room to the city street without batting an eye. This fashion-forward wayfarer features concealed flex hinges for a custom fit that doesn't sacrifice style. The frame is comfortable and flexible as it's made with TR90: an incredibly durable and lightweight thermoplastic material. Produced with Swiss technology, TR90 allows the Coup to bend under pressure and contour your face.

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Product Reviews

Written by Chase on Nov 19th 2020

Fast shipping and an exceptional product

These glasses are essential for every grower. They are comfortable for all day use and they work perfectly. They become sunglasses in the regular sun and they provide exceptional visibility under hps lights.

Written by guest on Apr 3rd 2017

Great in the grow room, not so great in the sun

These HPSx transition glasses are phenomenal in the grow room. I could not go another day without them. The strain on your eyes is gone (especially when paired with a hat), and the color is back to normal. I forget that I'm looking at plants that are under a yellow HPS light sometimes. I have used the HPS+ "perfect color" shades before, and they are the same. However, I don't see the "transition" feature working too well, and repeatedly I find myself comparing the website to my shades to see if I was sent the wrong pair, but my lenses are stamped HPSx. I have done numerous tests, both leaving them inside, and purposely exposing them to direct sunlight for several minutes. I do not notice a difference, so I'm going to go ahead and say these are NOT transition lenses. If anyone has a different experience please post about it, however overall, I am satisfied as I did not buy these to replace my daily sunglasses. Hi D, We're glad you are overall enjoying the glasses. The transition feature doesn't darken the lenses, rather changes from blue to grey. We've intentionally left a light lens to allow as much visual information in as possible, for those growing both inside and out. The photochromic technology will have varying results depending on weather conditions. - Method Seven

Written by Lee mills on Aug 21st 2015

Grow and work does it all

I use them for growing but best of all is I'm a window cleaner and I use them for work as well. The best glasses I could use as I'm looking at the sun most of the day so Method Seven you have help me out loads that's all I can say. Many thanks.

Written by Andri Kyprianou on Aug 6th 2015

Method seven for the win

Big shout to the Method Seven team from over here in the UK England. These Coup Transitions are special. Thanks a lot keep up the good work