Closer TRAIL26 Trail Running Sunglasses

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Handcrafted with Japanese titanium, the Closer trail running sunglasses feature slip-free temple tips. TRAIL 26 polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and extra durable with a 26% VLT, a perfect choice for exposed and tree-covered trails alike.

Vision Above All

Transform ultra trail running with the newest performance eyewear from Method Seven. Render trails, roots, and rocks in low light conditions and diminish glare while retaining the sparkle of life. For those who accept nothing less than the best.

Lens Technology

Our custom-formulated TRAIL 26 polycarbonate lenses are ultra lightweight and extra durable with anti-fog, anti-scratch and hydrophobic coatings.  In addition to protecting against UV and infrared light, the lenses utilize notch filtering technology, which lets certain wavelengths of the visible light spectrum through more and others less.  Notch filtering allows for a crisper, clearer visual experience with less fatigue for your eyes and brain for long hours on the trail.  The lenses have a VLT (visible light transmission) of 26% making it the perfect choice for exposed and tree-covered trails alike, as well as 30% polarization, the sweet spot for all the glare protection you need while keeping the crisp contrast needed for running technical trails.

Frame Technology 

The Closer is a classically stylish, lightweight and functional frame inspired by the Method Seven classic aviator frame. This gray-blue frame is crafted from ultra lightweight Japanese hand-tooled titanium and features slip-free temple tips and nose pads designed for movement. 

Frame Dimensions